Twitter is our new opinion poll

Twitter is the new Gallup Poll

Suffice to say that the world at large is paying a lot more attention to Twitter these days. From keeping up with famous people to breaking news, Twitter has become the defacto source for quick news-ish updates. This being an election year in the US means that we must find a way to turn our beloved time-killer into a prophetic source of calling an election that’s a good 3 months away.

The Twitter Political Index (TPI) tracks the amount of favorable mentions of the two presidential candidates and gives them a daily score. The score can then be used as a kind of temperature check on your favored (or not) candidate as to how well they’re “connecting” to the Twitter-bloc.

According to‘s findings, TPI’s data seems to trend quite well against political tracker, Gallup’s Presidential Election poll. So at least in the short-term, Twitter may actually be a somewhat reliable source to gauge political popularity.

Sources: Tecca, Twitter Political Index

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