Retina MacBook Pro too hot for your lap

The display isn’t the only hotness in the room.

Computers run hot. The more computing power they’re capable of, the hotter they get. Combined with very little space to push that heat out and things can get too hot to handle. Given that bit of common sense, it’s no surprise that Apple’s latest work stallion can get quite hot.

According to a French-language site (via Macgasm), the picture at left was taken using a thermal imaging camera and demonstrated just how hot things can get. At it’s hottest (no word on just how they got it cranked up that high), the camera recorded a temperature of 48.2 degrees Celsius. For us ‘Murican folks, that’s a whopping 118 degrees Fahrenheit!

But fear not, as Macgasm’s Joshua Schnell points out, the HTC One X tops out at around 55°C. So chill the fuck out already.

PSA: Gents wanting kids should consider getting a lap-desk.

Source: Macgasm

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