Kid Icarus Multiplayer Battle Day is coming

In late March, Nintendo released Kid Icarus for the 3DS – a full 25 years after it initially hit the NES console. The latest offering gave gamers a chance of saving the world from the evil goddess Medusa and her un-dead minions; it was nostalgic enough to bring us old-school gamers back but built to introduce an new generation to Pit.

One of the most interesting additions to Kid Icarus is the Light vs. Dark multiplayer feature, a feature that’s garnered cult-status (for what it’s worth, it is a lot of fun). Nintendo has embraced the following (and love from their fans) and have reciprocated by hosting an upcoming Battle day at their Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. So if you’re up for the challenge be sure to check out the source link for info and sign up for a chance to win some Kid Icarus swag. (Note: the battle day is a world-wide event and there are several locations hosting the event; hit up the source link for more details)

Sources: Nintendo Kid Icarus Meetup, Nintendo 3DS Meetup Page

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