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Price: Free
Brand: Facebook
Categories: Messaging Client

👍 Pros: The App works really well. It does everything it says it will and does it elegantly.

👎 Cons: It adds to the massive pile of things Facebook knows about you. Will you ever use it?

Bottom Line:

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

This week, Facebook did something a little unusual. They released an app that wasn’t a Facebook client. Instead, it was an app dedicated to messaging your friends. It has come to take on the likes of Kik, BBM, and the yet to be released iMessage, but is it any good?

Simply put, yes. Facebook Messenger does exactly what it advertises, and it does it pretty well. You can send messages back and forth to friends from your phone book, or your Facebook friends list. The messages can include text, pictures, links, and pretty much anything else your traditional SMS client can handle (with the current exception of video), as well as the addition of location features too. All-in-all it’s a pretty well rounded app. So as is tradition here at The Noisecast, we’ll put Messenger to a round table panel and see how it comes out on the other side.

Ron’s Thoughts:

When I first downloaded the app, I was a little confused. I had never heard of it before, I managed to just stumble across it while browsing the App Store. When I opened it, it asked for my phone number, to which I said no (Facebook knows enough about me). I got logged in to my account and saw all of my Facebook messages.

Cool? I guess… A separate way for me to use the Facebook messages? Why would I need that? I barely use messages to begin with. Then I learned more about it. I realized that Facebook was taking a massive step towards unifying the Email-esque message feature with Facebook Chat. Combining them to form a whole new platform for messaging. Even at that moment, I wondered why I would want this. Why would I need yet another way to get in touch with people? Well, honestly, I don’t need one. But Facebook Messenger might be able to replace all of the others. It works well, it integrates everyone I know in one place, and it’s simple. For what it is, it’s perfect. The only question is whether or not I’ll stick with it long enough for it to become routine. I’ll say this though, with SMS being an obvious rip off, and BBMs and iMessages being locked down to their respective manufacturers, a great unifying communication app is something that could really stand out in the market… and I mean, come on, who doesn’t have a Facebook?

A FEW DAYS LATER: Yeah, I’m already done using it. Who didn’t see that one coming? Honestly, for what it is, it works well. I don’t hate the app. That being said, since I already have an unlimited text messaging plan, and not many people I know feel like using Facebook Messenger, I just can’t seem to make it a permanent fixture in my day-to-day life.

VERDICT: It works. It works better than the traditional Facebook app, but it’s is in no way a game changer.

Alberto’s Thoughts:

Though kudos should be given for releasing a working app, the new Facebook Messenger seems to more of a reactionary response to Google Plus’s Huddle messaging system than an innovation. However, in the end that won’t matter- most facebook users were either oblivious to Google Plus or simply don’t want to make a switch. What troubles me most about Facebook Messenger is how intrusive it is: if I didn’t include a mobile number on my profile why are constantly asking for me to display it to use Messenger?

The unwanted gathering of my data doesn’t end there, Messenger will not only nag me into giving out my mobile number, they also go through your contacts lists and keep the information until you go through yet another muddled process to remove said info from their servers.

VERDICT: The app itself serves it’s purpose, you can send messages to all your friends via the app. No more looking for them in your Friends List and sending messages by going through their profile page. In all honesty, this probably should have been a feature on the original app and not require a separate installed app.

Ben’s Thoughts:

Okay, I don’t HATE it, necessarily. But it is useless. It doesn’t do anything that the standard Facebook app doesn’t already do. Why should I use a separate app just to draft a message? Maybe if it was a chat client, but it’s not even that. You can’t see who’s online or not. There’s not even a browsable contact list. What the fuck is the point.

The positive point that I will admit is that it is SLIGHTLY faster to respond to a message than opening the standard app and navigating to messages. It’s a difference of a few seconds, but maybe that’s important to you. I don’t know.

VERDICT: Facebook Messenger is a waste of space. Not recommended.

Final Thoughts:

Credit where credit is due: The app works better than you’d expect a Facebook app to work.

Is it worth using? The answer is no. Facebook has a knack for getting creepier and creepier. The fact that using this app puts your entire contact list on Facebook (albeit, not for the pubic to see) makes it a little unsettling. Granted, you can remove it, after going through an odd process, but it’s still a little creepy.

All-in-all, you’re better off texting.

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  1. This app is very handy when the person using it doesn’t have another person who uses the app but doesn’t have their phone number. I actually like the app except for the the double notifications from the Messenger app and the Facebook app. I do think its an exact response to “huddle” but nonetheless I really like the app.

    1. Yeah, I definitely liked the app as an app. I just can’t find as much use for it as you obviously have. It’s also a little creepy dontchathink?

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