Episode 47 of The Noisecast: You People


Here's A Cat!



Hey! It’s me Ron. How are you guys? Good? Great. Anyway so I have no idea if I’m uploading this the right way so if it’s wrong, please forward all complaints to: agrippa@friedyoda.com/noisecast

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Episode 47 Topic List

Date: 10/2/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Kevlar, Agrippa, Gonzo, Vitto 


  1. Nokia is starting their own OS http://bit.ly/n4fJKh
  2. Kindle Fire’s Silk browser isn’t entire safe or smart: http://bit.ly/pOU8Z1
    1. Any thoughts on the Kindle Fire at all : RIM drops price on Playbook, but can they compete at $100 more.
    2. Amazon App store argument: http://bit.ly/nOHQMJ
  1. Net Neutrality lawsuits start, with supporters being first to file http://bit.ly/oaRu4N
  2. Verizon stands with Samsung against Apple: http://bit.ly/nGu44T
  3. WP7 Mango is out: http://bit.ly/oAJrq5
  4. Cheap-ass piracy settlements: http://bit.ly/mP9UQk
  5. Netflix to get mo’ betta’ content http://bit.ly/qsO8Se
  6. Apple Event Predictions – New Spelling: Iphone
  7. Big Dog learns to roll over: Now Alpha Dog http://bit.ly/mT4nUQ
  8. Image of Nokia Searay WP7 device leaked in Germany — Did Nokia just spent almost a year porting WP7 to an N9? | http://bit.ly/n7VEbx
  9. Jack Ma is “very interested” in buying Yahoo | http://bit.ly/q1wca1


  1. Man Arrested After Ejaculating into Woman’s Yogurt | http://bit.ly/o78uoM
  2. People mistake Ice Cream mascot for KKK member. http://bit.ly/qwRqos
  3. Forum poster calls city council meeting regulars “Al-Jazeeri” and “Nazi”, then gives directions to their homes and descriptions of them. Oh, and it was posted from a police computer. http://bit.ly/o5IePq
  4. Girl found chewing on condom at McDonalds http://bit.ly/onEmYd
  5. What: Woman walks a dog. What the fuck: From her car. What the fuck NEWS: It wasn’t her dog. http://bit.ly/p4lFUr
  6. Doodle of Boredom Boba Fett : http://bit.ly/nyjkQE