Here Comes Some More iPhone 5 Rumors!

So as you may have noticed, we don’t usually jump in on the rumor mill. Speculation is an endless source of content and we wouldn’t want to waste your time (or ours) on stories with no evidence. That being said, here’s a couple of stories, with no evidence, that claim to know all about the iPhone 5.

So ok, back in April, Thisismynext ran an article asking the ever appropriate question: is this the next iPhone? It’s a question that has plagued the internet since sometime in 2006 or 2007 when people first suspected Apple of working on a phone. For tech blogs like us, its like getting a cheap laugh on a fart joke. By that I mean pageviews galore, and why not right? People love hearsay, people love iPhones, and people love scandal. Throw a celebrity sex-tape on the rumored iPhone and we could break the internet. Point is, it’s easy. You find some random picture some kid made up of an iPhone, say something like “Tom Fartypants says this is almost exactly what iPhone 4000 will look like, and he’s predicted many of Apple’s next moves with startling accuracy,” and you suddenly have a recipe for a brilliant piece of writing. I’m not saying that’s what tech blogs are doing, I’m just saying it’s that easy. So moving on, the story of this particular image a rumored iPhone has just gotten a lot more interesting.

On Friday, a mysterious man named “NotHotWater” or “Chris” received a case for the iPhone 5 on his doorstep. Mr. NotHotWaterChris is on record stating he cannot “disclose his sources,” but this case is an “iPhone 5” case. Mr. HotNotChrisWaters was kind enough to share his findings on his Picasa (images in the gallery below). He also claims that the case is “eerily accurate” when compared to the Thisismynext rumor. Mr. HotChrisNotWater was kind enough to share his professional opinion as well:

This case is EXTREMELY thin. If this is the final design, Apple will have a totally knockout product. It definitely fits a much wider and taller phone than the iPhone 4, so we should definitely have a bigger screen in our hands – at least 3.7″. The camera slot is quite bigger, leading me to believe that we will definitely see a camera with more MP in the iPhone 5. The taper is amazing, and reminds me A LOT of what This Is My Next posted last April

In the end, none of this matters. Apple will eventually announce the new iPhone and unless someone finds it in a bar again, we won’t know exactly what it looks like until then. But since this story has some legs, we thought we’d share. Take it with a grain of salt because we can’t confirm anything.

Sources: GDGT Post by NotHotWater, ThisIsMyNext

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  1. I am commenting on this because I don’t want Ron to think he’s all alone in caring about the iPhone 5, especially since they’re falling behind in 4G/LTE support. 

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