iPad Mini in both WiFi and cellular options; starts at $249

The rumors have been swirling since the first Google Nexus 7 was announced and as we get closer to (or not) the official announcement of a smaller iPad, Cult of Mac is reporting on a leak detailing the full lineup of 7.8-inch iPad Minis including their relative pricing structure. Spoiler alert: Things are gonna get a whole lot harder for Android and Windows 8 tablets. … Continue reading iPad Mini in both WiFi and cellular options; starts at $249

Relax, your Nexus is on its way

Yesterday, many retail stores began selling the much lusted over Google Nexus 7 and then quickly did an about-face. Google quickly reached out to their retail partners to halt all sales until further notice; but guess what guys? Google posted on their Google Plus account that they are in fact starting to ship the tablet starting today. Quick search on the XDA Developers Forums also … Continue reading Relax, your Nexus is on its way

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Review

At first glance it seems that Samsung’s product development strategy is simply “offer all the sizes.” Their product line is slowly expanding to have tablets and phones that exist in every inch range between 3 and 11 as shown by their Galaxy Tab 10.1, 7.0, and now the 8.9. Oh yeah, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is also on the way. However, there’s something about the … Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Review

T-Mobile thinks $200 is too much for a tablet

It hasn’t even been a full 3 weeks since Amazon announced their Fire tablet and already the race to bottom (in terms of tablet pricing) is heating up! Not one to be left out in the cold, T-Mobile announced the latest budget tablet – the SpringBoard. The SpringBoard is the result of T-Mobile’s partnership with Chinese computer manufacturer, Huawei, and from early images of the … Continue reading T-Mobile thinks $200 is too much for a tablet

Kindle Fire versus iPad – FIGHT!

Shut the front door! It just got announced and people are already comparing it to the iPad. You really need to stop doing that, for a few reasons. The biggest reason is because the Kindle Fire isn’t competing with the iPad, nor is it trying to. The newly unveiled Kindle Fire is a $200 7” tablet with a color IPS display, dual-core processor, and 8GB … Continue reading Kindle Fire versus iPad – FIGHT!

HP Is Discontinuing WebOS Devices, Exploring Options To Still Use WebOS For…Something

Well, you can’t say no one saw this coming, but HP has just confirmed that they will “discontinue operations” of WebOS devices, including the Pre line of phones and the TouchPad. This comes on the heels of reports that Best Buy has sold an embarrassingly low number of TouchPads. Not to mention a long-delayed US release of the Pre 3. HP confirmed on a conference … Continue reading HP Is Discontinuing WebOS Devices, Exploring Options To Still Use WebOS For…Something

Apple Allegedly Falsifying Evidence In Galaxy Tab Suit

If you were to take a look at the above photo, it would be pretty obvious that Samsung has copied Apple’s design when they built their tablet. If you were to do that, however, you’d be deceived. The above image does not accurately display the dimensions of the Galaxy Tab. This image was submitted to a German court as evidence. Continue reading “Apple Allegedly Falsifying Evidence In Galaxy Tab Suit”

Apple kicks Samsung to the curb

You know that’s the thing about lovers’ spats; first you build them up telling them how awesome they are and then you start throwing around silly lawsuits about confusing potential customers and ripping off the design of the box – you know the thing you throw away – that your product comes in. Wait, I guess that’s nothing like a lovers’ quarrel. In any case, Apple will not be turning to Samsung to produce their A6 chips and is believed to have Taiwanese company, TSMC, testing their latest chipset. Continue reading “Apple kicks Samsung to the curb”

Sprint Galaxy Tab gets bumped to Gingerbread

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab from Sprint and have been itching to get your hands on some Gingerbread goodness? Well the wait is over as of today! The update is over-the-air so you’ll have to keep mashing that “check for updates” button until you manage to get through, but once you do update you will not only get all the features Gingerbread has … Continue reading Sprint Galaxy Tab gets bumped to Gingerbread

HP TouchPads enables app discovery with Pivot

HP announced today, HP webOS Pivot, a way of providing users an “entertaining and informative editorial resource for discovering webOS 3.0 applications” for the HP TouchPad. It’s expected to launch on July 1st.  Pivot is designed to complement the HP webOS App Catalog and will help its users with app discovery by showcasing a broad range of applications based on their interests and lifestyles and the developers who create them.

In a nutshell, HP is taking developers seriously and this is just another weapon in their arsenal to make the TouchPad and webOS in general a success. Is it enough? In the Tablet space it’s becoming increasingly apparent that consumers don’t want Tablets, they want iPads. To be fair, their only real choices have been iOS and Android, and on Tablets, Android still lacks the critical polish it needs. What’s more, Android tablets may never get the polish and support because manufacturers look like they’re losing a bit of interest. Make no mistake about it, there is still a chance for webOS to achieve under HP what it failed under Palm. And from what we’ve seen so far, we have reason to be intrigued with the TouchPad. Color me cautiously optimistic. You can read the full press release for more details on Pivot after the jump. Continue reading “HP TouchPads enables app discovery with Pivot”

Microsoft Makes The Leap Into The Ubiquitous OS Game

Yesterday evening, Microsoft took to the stage to demo the future of Windows. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this fancy new Windows 8 thing was merely Microsoft’s foray into the tablet world, given the WP7-esque design philosophy and the decidedly touch-centric interface. You’d be wrong, though, to make such cavalier assumptions, my friend. Windows 8 is for desktops, too. This in addition to being for the ARM architecture as well as x86. Welcome to the new world. Continue reading “Microsoft Makes The Leap Into The Ubiquitous OS Game”

Review: Google Movies

Last week Google took the wraps off their brand new Google Movies rental service. For $2-5, a user can rent a movie to stream either online or to their Android phones or tablets. Currently movies are only available online via the Market or YouTube and the Xoom tablets that have received the 3.1 update currently rolling out to Verizon Xoom users. Google estimates that the service will be available to all Android users running 2.2 and up “in a couple of weeks”. So. How excited should you be for the privilege of paying up to $5 a pop for digital movie rentals? We go hands-on to find out. Continue reading “Review: Google Movies”

TWIFY: Android Tablet Woes


Dear Android tablet manufacturers,

It has come to my attention that lately you clown shoe motherfucks have decided to completely ignore all of the progress that has been made on the Android OS in regards to functionality and usability. For some strange reason you chuckleheads are either using old software, leaving out huge chunks of functionality, or skinning what is already a beautiful interface with whatever shitteriffic UI your designers threw out at the last minute. Continue reading “TWIFY: Android Tablet Woes”

Remember That Thing I Said About Ovi Maps And Microkia? Yeah, Nevermind, Google Did It

I was honestly super excited when I heard about Ovi Maps 3D, a web application that allows you to fly through a number of select cities in a textured, 3D model with enough realism to be used for a wide angle city shot in your crappy backyard movie. While 3D building were, of course, nothing new, I’d only seen either a few buildings here or there on any given web app, or 3D vector buildings on a mobile device which are clearly less realistic. The idea that this new Ovi Maps feature might one day make it into WP7 mobile devices like a phone was an exciting proposition.

Naturally, a week later, Google releases it. Continue reading “Remember That Thing I Said About Ovi Maps And Microkia? Yeah, Nevermind, Google Did It”

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