Relax, your Nexus is on its way

Calm down nerds. It’s on its way.

Yesterday, many retail stores began selling the much lusted over Google Nexus 7 and then quickly did an about-face. Google quickly reached out to their retail partners to halt all sales until further notice; but guess what guys? Google posted on their Google Plus account that they are in fact starting to ship the tablet starting today.

Quick search on the XDA Developers Forums also confirms that people who’ve pre-ordered in the U.S. and in Europe have begun to receive shipping confirmation and estimated delivery dates – most of whom will be enjoying a “pure Jellybean” experience beginning Monday.

So, chillax son. You’re getting your Nexus soon enough and if that’s not soon enough, you can always go to your nearest GameStop and pick one up now.

Sources: Google Play, XDA Developers Forum

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