Nokia announces Lumia 800 and Lumia 710

Today at Nokia’s annual Nokia World conference we finally got an official look at the first babies to come out of the Redmondpoo marriage. The Lumia line is made up of sweet, sexy, candy-like phones that run Windows Phone 7. It is worth noting that Lumia is Spanish for “prostitute,” something else that is often called sweet, sexy, and Candy. Joking aside, Nokia Lumia 800 … Continue reading Nokia announces Lumia 800 and Lumia 710

Image of Nokia Searay WP7 device leaked in Germany

Hello Stingray Searay. A tipster sent The Nokia Blog an image of a T-Mobile promotional ad in Germany showcasing the Nokia Searay and some of its specs. The device looks quite similar to the Nokia N9 and it confirms rumors that the first device out of Redmondpoo will be called Searay. The German text tells us that the Searay sports a 3.7 inch curved AMOLED … Continue reading Image of Nokia Searay WP7 device leaked in Germany

Nokia isn’t out of the mobile OS market just yet

Even though they have abandoned Symbian and MeeGo for WP7, Nokia is apparently still aiming to get their own mobile OS, and they want it to be huge. The phone maker is still number 1 in terms of world-wide cellular phone sales, and they want to turn that into cash money, son. Apparently the Espoo, Finland based manufacturer doesn’t think it can make enough money … Continue reading Nokia isn’t out of the mobile OS market just yet

Chinese factory worker with coke nail demos Nokia “Sea Ray” WP7 device

Stephen Elop had broke news on Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 device, codenamed Sea Ray, back in late June but only a few blurrycam shots of the device were produced. Today, however, a video surfaced on a Chinese forum that fully showed off the first results of the Redmondpoo partnership. Giving a good 360 degree view and a brief demo of the boot sequence, camera, … Continue reading Chinese factory worker with coke nail demos Nokia “Sea Ray” WP7 device

MeeGo might come back to haunt Nokia

Recent first looks at the Nokia N9 have made reviewers clamoring for more….more MeeGo devices that is. Stephen Elop decided to ditch MeeGo for Windows Phone 7 in October 2010 over concerns that MeeGo could not be deployed fast enough to take on iOS. There were only three MeeGo powered devices scheduled through 2014 so it is understandable why any CEO would do a hard 180 to get his company back on track in the market. MeeGo was still a work in progress with a working product not arriving until mid to late 2011, and even that product’s success (the N9 that is) would be an uncertainty. There stakes were just too high to gamble with and so Redmondpoo was born. Now that the N9 is out and critics are quite impressed with MeeGo and its capabilities, some are beginning to question Elop’s decision to ditch MeeGo regardless of its potential. It isn’t surprising that MeeGo is a hit on the N9 because so many big players are involved in its development, but it is just for that reason that Nokia should be worried about MeeGo’s future. Continue reading “MeeGo might come back to haunt Nokia”

Microsoft loosens the reigns on its Windows Phone processors, ST-Ericsson joins the fun

Back in 2010 Microsoft spelled out the hardware specifications manufacturers must follow in order to make a certified Windows Phone 7 device, barring manufacturers from using sub-par components like processors that clock under 1Ghz. Up until now, Windows Phone 7 devices have been powered by Qualcomm processors, specifically of the Snapdragon family. Even the lackluster and low-end HTC Trophy which Verizon is finally releasing with plenty of eye-rolling has a Snapdragon under the hood. Today the Qualcomm monopoly in WP8 devices comes to a close as Microsoft has given the green light for its upcoming Nokia handsets to be fueled by an ST-Ericsson U8500 processor. Yes Windows Phone 8. That’s the next generation of Windows Phone 7 scheduled to arrive with the Nokia handsets in 2012. The chip isn’t a lightweight, bubbling to the brim with dual-core goodness and being compared quite positively to the Qualcomm Snapdragon. It’s a system-on-a-chip that bakes Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, and HSPA+ all into a neat and compact wafer. Continue reading “Microsoft loosens the reigns on its Windows Phone processors, ST-Ericsson joins the fun”

Redmondpoo Presents: the W7 and W8

That’s (possibly) right. Microsoft and Nokia suffer from quick gestation periods and may be popping out their first offspring relatively soon. The dramatization at right is essentially an N8 with the WP7 UI pasted overtop, but I think it looks great. Not your style? Don’t worry, according to sources close to Nokia, there are as many as 12 devices coming from Nokia in 2012, and … Continue reading Redmondpoo Presents: the W7 and W8

What’s Nokia’s big Symbian announcement about? We take a mildly-NSFW guess

Nokia is holding an event on April 12 to announce something about the Symbian smartphone OS. Rumors are hinting at Redmondpoo announcing the next big over-the-air update for Symbian but a recent spy-shot involving Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, acquired by The Noisecast, may indicate something else. Check out the mildly-NSFW picture after the break. Continue reading “What’s Nokia’s big Symbian announcement about? We take a mildly-NSFW guess”

Nokia Received One Billion Dollars for Microsoft Deal

This was reported but unconfirmed earlier, however we now know that part of the deal to partner with Nokia included Microsoft seeding a Billion dollars to aid in development and marketing. While Microsoft is’t commenting on the news, analysts seem to be generally positive and agree it was a good deal, saying:

“This gives Microsoft scale and allows Nokia to rip out costs,” said Colin Gillis, an analyst at BGC Partners in New York, who recommends buying Microsoft shares. “Microsoft is getting the platform boost that comes from acquiring a Nokia for about a billion dollars.” Continue reading “Nokia Received One Billion Dollars for Microsoft Deal”

Nokia sells Qt to Digia

If you had just a sliver of hope that Redmondpoo would give Symbian and MeeGo another chance, consider that sliver crushed for good. Qt (pronounced cute) was a development framework that allowed the creation of applications not only on Symbian, but a variety of other web-based platforms as well. Qt was originally developed by Trolltech but Nokia bought them in 2008 for $153 million and … Continue reading Nokia sells Qt to Digia

Intel CEO on Redmondpoo: “I would probably have gone to Android.”

Microsoft and Intel have been husband and wife in the PC business for as long as the PC business has existed, so it is quite a shocker when Intel CEO Paul Otellini goes on record to say that Nokia’s choice to partner up with Windows Phone 7 was a mistake. In a London analyst meeting, Reuters reports that Otellini said “I wouldn’t have made the decision he made, I would probably have gone to Android if I were [Stephen Elop].” Intel’s head honcho takes it a step further to say that Nokia dropped Intel-Nokia lovechild MeeGo after Microsoft offered to push a hefty amount of Benjis across the table to seal the deal. U mad, Paul? After trash-talking the decision some more, Otellini concluded that Intel would find another partner for MeeGo because “carriers still want a third ecosystem.” Third? Ouch, talk about completely brushing off Windows Phone 7 as a player in the game. Yup, he mad. Meanwhile, in Redmondpoo… Continue reading “Intel CEO on Redmondpoo: “I would probably have gone to Android.””

Nokia Investors Secretly Turn Out to be French or Maybe Not Exist

So remember that Nokia coup we reported earlier (and before the other tech sites)? Well according to Gizmodo, the young guns who planned to lead this coup have given up and called it quits. and are waving the French national flag (white flag). Apparently they couldn’t gather the backing of the large institutional shareholders. The twitter account of Nokia Plan B has deleted all their … Continue reading Nokia Investors Secretly Turn Out to be French or Maybe Not Exist

Nokia shareholders plan a coup against the coup

Not all is well in Redmondpoo as some people are not happy with the suddenly cozy partnership Nokia has made with Microsoft. Nine young and anonymous Nokia shareholders who are also former employees are planing on ousting Stephen Elop and bringing the torch back to Espoo instead of Redmond. The group has published an open letter which they dub “Nokia Plan B” on their website that not only voices their disagreement with the recent leadership changes but also identifies key problems and offers solutions as to what needs to be done to revitalize Nokia. This manifesto isn’t child’s play; it raises some very valid points and offers very concrete solutions, such as killing off R&D outsourcing, bringing in young and talented engineers, scaling back Windows Phone 7 Nokia devices to just the North American market alone while focusing on MeeGo as Nokia’s primary platform, and ousting current leaders including CEO Stephen Elop. But can just nine shareholders lead a successful takeover? According to a recent tweet of theirs, they’ve already begun to capture the interest of other shareholders as well. Stay tuned as the group plans to openly challenge the company on May 3 when Nokia holds its Annual General Meeting. Full repost of their call to arms after the break. Continue reading “Nokia shareholders plan a coup against the coup”

One does not simply walk into Espoo

Apparently, one does. How convenient that Stephen Elop, a two year Microsoft exec, takes the reigns at Nokia and within 6 months completely restructures the company to be Microsoft’s personal Windows Phone 7 handset bitch? How convenient is it that the former Espoo president Mark Louison is out and Microsoft’s corporate VP Chris Weber replaces him? Which has a nicer ring to it: Microkia, Nokiasoft, … Continue reading One does not simply walk into Espoo