Nokia Investors Secretly Turn Out to be French or Maybe Not Exist

Mortimar, we did it!

So remember that Nokia coup we reported earlier (and before the other tech sites)? Well according to Gizmodo, the young guns who planned to lead this coup have given up and called it quits. and are waving the French national flag (white flag). Apparently they couldn’t gather the backing of the large institutional shareholders. The twitter account of Nokia Plan B has deleted all their previous tweets and offers these two instead:

So there you have it folks. Granted, I’ve seen official investor missives less coherent than what this bored individual was peddling. So, is this back peddling? Were there nine investors and this is an attempt to cover tracks? Is this really it? I’m not entirely opposed to the Microsoft-Nokia partnership, but who doesn’t like a little intrigue and a good old fashioned board room brawl.

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