Redmondpoo Presents: the W7 and W8

That’s (possibly) right. Microsoft and Nokia suffer from quick gestation periods and may be popping out their first offspring relatively soon. The dramatization at right is essentially an N8 with the WP7 UI pasted overtop, but I think it looks great.

Not your style? Don’t worry, according to sources close to Nokia, there are as many as 12 devices coming from Nokia in 2012, and let’s just say I’m mildly excited, but I do carry a roll of quarters in my pants thanks for asking. The phones will of course be equipped with Qualcomm chipsets, thanks to hardware mandates from Microsoft. Despite the past difficulties with Qualcomm, Nokia seems to be churning out decent phones, and I can’t wait to be excited for a Nokia phone again.

Thanks hq!

Sources: Engadget, Habrahabr (Russian), Geek

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