Downloadable titles coming soon from Konami

Recently (relative term) I had a chance to attend a Konami event and take a look at some of their upcoming titles. There were some interesting things there (an Anime-girl themed Gradius-style shooter, a hack-and-slasher with time manipulation, a new Silent Hill, etc), but the games that captured my particular attention were some of the downloadable games for XBLA and PSN. Continue reading “Downloadable titles coming soon from Konami”

Former Homeland Security chief named Sony’s Senior VP

Just announced, Sony Corp. has named former Homeland Security Chief Phillip Reitinger as their new Senior VP directly under Sony’s general counsel Nicole Seligman. Sony’s move comes in direct response to the hacks earlier this year that exposed some 100 million PSN accounts and caused general mayhem for Sony. Reuters reports that since the April 27th hack that left a sour taste in many PSN … Continue reading Former Homeland Security chief named Sony’s Senior VP

PSN password reset page taken down

Well it took all of 4 days before Sony’s PSN network has been yet again compromised. Reports coming in from Kotaku, Tech Radar, and other sources have confirmed that an exploit in the password reset page that went up this weekend could be used to essentially steal your identity. Adding insult to injury to PSN users, all a potential hacker would need is your email … Continue reading PSN password reset page taken down

PSN Would Really Like to Welcome You Back

After nearly a month without PSN and Qriocity services, Sony would like to welcome back, aka bribe, PSN/Qriocity members to trust them again. And what better way to get “all four of [us]” (screw you Gonzorider) than with free games.

Yesterday, the Official PlayStation Blog released the details to their “Welcome Back” program including a breakdown of the free games available for returning customers. So pick your poison folks, will it be Little Big Planet and InFAMOUS? How about some Dead Nation and Wipeout HD? PSP owner? No worries, they got you covered too.

Is it enough to say, forgive and forget? I’m not really sure; but taking into consideration their previous announcement to offer free ID-Theft monitoring for a year combined with what seems like a genuine attempt at courting their loyal customers – I’ll upgrade my jaded, cynical, skepticism to an official “we’ll see.”

Check the full press release after the jump. Continue reading “PSN Would Really Like to Welcome You Back”

Noisecast Roundup 5-6-2011: Creepy Cute Kittens

Kittens, for all their cute qualities, sometimes freak me the hell out. Many summers ago I was living at my grandparents’ house and we had this mama cat and her kittens using our human abode as their own. The sunshine from the window warmly woke my hungover self but I did my usual routine of laying in bed and loathing my decisions from last night. A soft scratching noise caused me to open my eyes and lo and behold one of the young kittens had made it onto the wooden bedpost. It sat there motionless, giving me the stare of death, waiting to see if I was going to make a move. I closed my eyes again and immediately I felt something small land on the sheets. I opened my eyes again and there was the kitten again, this time on the bed sheets, about a foot closer to me, staring with its wide open eyes with a statuesque pose betraying no movement. I smiled to myself. Cute kitty wants to play peekaboo! I closed my eyes again and heard the sheets rustle again, feeling the weight of something approaching me. I opened my eyes again, finding the kitten in the same exact pose, looking at me with the same intense gaze, this time about arms-length away from my face. Awwwwww! I closed my eyes again and felt the kitty take a few more steps. My eyes shot open and there it was, now inches away from my face, staring at my groggy sleep-ridden face. I smiled again and opened my mouth slowly to whisper good morning and suddenly…thwack thwack thwack thwack! Fucking kitten smacked my face four times with its paws really quickly, jumped off the bed, and ran out of the room. Continue reading “Noisecast Roundup 5-6-2011: Creepy Cute Kittens”

Episode 28 of the Noisecast – “Ninja Epidemic”

It’s that time again. Brand new episode, brand new bag of tricks. Actually the same old bag of tricks, but you get the point. vitto is back from NYIAS (actually that happened a while ago but we haven’t recorded in a bit). We also address Pittsburgh’s Ninja epidemic. Look, let’s get to this. You can listen to the episode right here and read the show notes after the jump. Words words.

Continue reading “Episode 28 of the Noisecast – “Ninja Epidemic””

Sony Announces PSN And Qrirocity Limited Return And ‘Welcome Back’ Program

Sony boss Kaz Hirai held a press conference yesterday in Japan, or last night here in the states, to address the PlayStation Network and Qrirocity outage than happened because 77 million people had their personal date compromised in an attack last week. He outlined some of Sony’s plans to relaunch their online services.

He stated it would be a “phased restoration by region” The first features you can count on being restored first are online gaming for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, account management and password reset features and unexpired movie rentals. The most important of which is the password reset and account management features. I found it pretty disturbing when Sony said I needed to change my password, but was unable to access it.
Continue reading “Sony Announces PSN And Qrirocity Limited Return And ‘Welcome Back’ Program”

Who should we blame for the PlayStation Network breach?

Sony just released a bit of info regarding the PlayStation Network and Qriocity breach that I’ve been dreading to read since March. Simply put, everyone’s personal information such as usernames, passwords, addresses, and possibly credit card and purchase information has been compromised due to an unauthorized intrusion in their network. I’ve said time and time again that a breach like this is peanuts compared to what happened at Gawker back in late 2010 and nowhere near the magnitude of the Epsilon breach a short while back. With over 70 million accounts affected and the depth of the sensitive information accessed, this is easily one of the largest security disasters in Internet history. To put it into perspective, this is the equivalent of almost a quarter of the population of the United States becoming vulnerable to identity theft overnight. So who is to blame for this? Does the blame game make an all-out assault on Sony? Are Anonymous and the hacker splinter cell that piggybacked their tactics be the ones we tar and feather? Or are we the ones responsible for this attack via our growing hive mindish and egotistical outlook on the world? Continue reading “Who should we blame for the PlayStation Network breach?”

Sony finally admits your info has been compromised

Hey guys, not to be the one to beat a dead horse, but Sony has finally released an update with regards to the PSN attack that’s left users without access to their servers and quite possibly looking for identity theft lawyers. In a blog post released this afternoon, SCEA finally admitted that your person information, including credit card information, was not secure and may have … Continue reading Sony finally admits your info has been compromised

The PSN outage could’ve been worse: all your personal info could’ve been leaked

We’re now on Day 3 of the PlayStation Network outage and there’s no word on when the service will be up and running again. Today Sony confirmed that the PSN and Qriocity outage was indeed caused by an “external intrusion” and that upon realizing the intrusion, Sony voluntarily shut down those services on Wednesday. Initial speculation pointed to the hacktivist group Anonymous as being the … Continue reading The PSN outage could’ve been worse: all your personal info could’ve been leaked

Broadcasting for an underground bunker

GeoHot: On Vacation, Not On The Lam

Remember yesterday when the whole internet decried that George “GeoHot” Hotz chucked up the deuces and went into hiding somewhere in South America? Remember how SCEA, née Playstation US, accused GeoHot of fleeing after they found out he had another PSN account? GeoHot offered the following on his blog: Factually, it’s true I’m in South America, on a vacation I’ve had planned and paid for since November. … Continue reading GeoHot: On Vacation, Not On The Lam

GeoHot flees to South America

So the whole GeoHot vs Sony ordeal keeps on getting more and more ridiculous interesting. A federal magistrate had recently ordered George “GeoHot” Hotz to hand over his computer drives and PlayStation 3 as well as information to any PlayStation Network account he has. GeoHot gave them what they wanted but not before removing critical sections of the hard drives before handing them over. From … Continue reading GeoHot flees to South America

Major privacy and security concerns raised about PSN

Did you think the Gawker security breach was a disaster because it affected almost 1.5 million people? You might want to re-think the use of the word disaster when applying it to security breaches, because Sony’s PlayStation Network is claiming to have over 69 million accounts as of January 25th. Now before you go off panicking you should know that there hasn’t been a security breach of the PSN…yet. A couple of weeks ago an anonymous but apparently well known hacker released a report under the moniker “The Anonymous Data Protection Officers” revealing that not only does Sony use the PSN as a form of spyware that gathers information about everything your PlayStation 3 is connected to, but all information transferred over the PSN is only protected by basic security measures. So how much info was this hacker able to decrypt? Ten percent? Fifty percent? Try one hundred percent of all PSN functions transferred over the PSN were decrypted. Continue reading “Major privacy and security concerns raised about PSN”