Former Homeland Security chief named Sony’s Senior VP

Just announced, Sony Corp. has named former Homeland Security Chief Phillip Reitinger as their new Senior VP directly under Sony’s general counsel Nicole Seligman. Sony’s move comes in direct response to the hacks earlier this year that exposed some 100 million PSN accounts and caused general mayhem for Sony.

Reuters reports that since the April 27th hack that left a sour taste in many PSN members’ mouths, shares have fallen by 55%. No doubt appointing a security industry heavy to VP is Sony’s way of hoping to stop the bleeding.

Source: Reuters

5 thoughts on “Former Homeland Security chief named Sony’s Senior VP”

  1. I don’t think this is going to really help. All the fancy chiefs in the world won’t save a company that doesn’t secure their data. I bet if they snagged some Cyber Security Guru for 6 months, their problems could be (severely) lessened. I wonder if this guy is gonna have any real say in what they do, or if he’s just a pretty title. 

    1. If I had to guess, appointing Reitinger is just for their shareholders. It’s probably going to remain the same company in terms of what they do security wise, however, I think such a high profile hire is going to draw the attention/ire of hackers. 

      1. That, and a company the size of Sony will take forever to enact new policies this guy may put in place. I doubt anything changes in less than 2-3 months, and will be so watered down because usability drops as security increases. That means that any good ideas will be hacked apart because PSN is already a pain in the arse to use, and they won’t want to make it harder. 

        Of course, a lot could be changed on the backend, but Sony probably wants to show change to the user, not just tell everyone they “patched the bugs”.

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