Episode 28 of the Noisecast – “Ninja Epidemic”

It’s that time again. Brand new episode, brand new bag of tricks. Actually the same old bag of tricks, but you get the point. vitto is back from NYIAS (actually that happened a while ago but we haven’t recorded in a bit). We also address Pittsburgh’s Ninja epidemic. Look, let’s get to this. You can listen to the episode right here and read the show notes after the jump. Words words.

Episode 28 Topic List
Date: May 1st, 2011. Time 8EST
Roster: Steven, Vitto, Gonzo, Ben, Enosone, Kaiser

  1. Sony’s entry into the tablet (and additional entry into the handheld) space: http://bit.ly/fOCCPU
  2. Federal Lawsuit filed against Apple over location tracking in iOS http://bloom.bg/huB3fD
    1. Google faces $50 million lawsuit over Android location tracking http://t.co/5Fu8PRd
  3. CEO of BMW North America, Jim O’Donnell, believes that EV’s don’t really work. Do you agree? http://engt.co/gISBjM
  4. SETI suspended. We’re sorry, your long-distance communication with extraterrestrial life could not get through. Please hang up and try again. http://bit.ly/hrKMJS
  5. PSN was never as widely regarded as XBL, so could this spell some long-term disaster for the service? http://bit.ly/hmQjDB
  6. My God, it’s full of Stars http://cnet.co/i0tPp0
  7. Microsoft has solved the blue screen of death for good. They’ve solved it by turning it into a black screen of death in Windows 8: http://bit.ly/eW2pmG Checkmate, Apple.
  8. Spotify will probably never make it as a free service; Last.fm feels sorry for them: http://bit.ly/kf41OS
  9. GoogleTV whimpering sales: http://t.co/bjUnIE9
  10. Did anyone see the latest South Park episode with the HUMANCENTIPAD? http://in.flux.com/jUjeN7
  11. Motorola Shipped 250,000 Xooms and 4.1 Million Smartphones In Q1 http://t.co/nIQdrfb
  12. 7% of Americans subscribe to Netflix http://t.co/fQT1Hn6
  13. Considering the utter disdain everyone on the show exhibits for being asked to come up with something on the spot, should we try to solve RIM’s problems with pointers on how they can get back on track/

WTF News:

  1. Pittsburgh has a ninja problem. The Foot Clan is making it’s move: http://bit.ly/fNG9sd
  2. *slow clap* No one does corruption like Russia. seriously… bravo: http://bit.ly/gDbGc6
  3. Teacher reaches “new enlightenment” and roams school halls in the nude http://bit.ly/jyvkMF
  4. Man Dressed as Cow Steals Milk http://t.co/ynAZu5I
  5. We need to consider the feelings of animals when we call them “pets” http://t.co/TRC7Qpe … Not sure if serious… – Agrippa
  6. No. Everyone was NOT Kung-Fu Fighting http://bit.ly/i0nwGt
  7. Unemployed ninja advertises his wares on San Antonio news station. (Yay! home finally makes it to wtf news. I don’t see Florida!): http://on.io9.com/lPGigm
  8. No Florida news in WTF! News is WTF! news!
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