Custom Firmware to blame for PSN shutdown

Ready for some good news/bad news? Well the good news is that we may be closer to finding out what’s really going on with Sony’s PSN, the bad news, we may not be out of the woods yet.

The following excerpt comes from Reddit user, chesh420:

Ok, I’ve seen a bunch of speculation of why people think PSN is down, and I thought I should just post what the community knows in comparison to what Sony is telling everyone. The truth is, there was a new CFW (custom firmware) released known as Rebug ( It essentially turns a retail console into a dev console (not fully, but gives you a lot of the same options that usually dev’s only have access to)….

Not that big of a deal, right? Well, it also turns out that some people over at NGU found out that you could provide fake CC# info and the authenticity of the information was never checked as you were on Sony’s private developer PSN network (essentially a network that Sony trusted).

Although no one has claimed to have accessed PSN users’ credit card information, the fact that such a breach had occurred in the first place isn’t really the most reassuring. It’s been 4 days since many users have been able to access PSN and with each bit of news, hype, assumptions that come out, consumers – like myself aren’t too thrilled with SCEA.

Hopefully the new servers that chesh420 referred to in his Reddit post are a lot more secure than what PSN users are stuck with now.

Thanks for the tip Jimmy.

Source: Reddit

17 thoughts on “Custom Firmware to blame for PSN shutdown”

  1. I was just pissed I couldn’t watch Netflix on my PS3.. I had to settle for my Blue-ray collection of BBC originals like Life and Planet Earth. I spent all weekend watching animals kill each other and fuck. It was horrible.


      1. Mostly on YippYap, but I’ve been lurking here, Giz and Engadget.. occasionally commenting on Ars articles. How’ve you been dude?

        1. I haven’t hit up Yippayap in a while, its exam period, so some of my online social presence had to be temporarily cut. Been sticking to original #whitenoise and the Facebook group. Which by the way you should seriously consider joining, most people are in there and its super active.

          1. It sounds exciting, however, I don’t have Facebook.. I’ve visited the original whitenoise a few times, but it seemed so foreign and random. I haven’t been back for a while, maybe I should check it out.

          2. You dont have Facebook? Why not? Everyone has it, even if only with a few close friends.

            As for the original noise, its nowhere near its glory days, and their are days with dry-spells, especially on weekends. But there are a few of the old faces, though some new ones too, anyone whos there is trying to make it a better place.

          3. I know I know, I used to have it when I was in college, but it became too irritating. Here’s what I told Agrippa the other day:

            “I deleted (not deactivated, actually deleted) my Facebook account about 9 months ago. I had noticed that I didn’t hang out with my friends anymore, we’d just chat in replies, or “like” something. When I deleted my account, they protested, saying what happened? I said if you want to hang out, fuckin’ call me. They did (and do). I now have so much more to talk to them about – because I don’t see everything little intimate piece of information that goes on with their lives. Before, if we ever hung out, it was a string of conversations that started as “oh yeah did you see so and so got his..” “yeah I saw that.” All followed by silence. Facebook is killing social interaction.. by being too social.”

            So, uhh, yeah, no more Facebook for me, haha.

          4. Wow this comment thread is getting pretty narrow. But yea sadly I know what you mean, becuase of the appearance of more active social communication, there are some people who you hand out with less.

            Though for me at this points, its benefits have outweighed its cons, in terms of quick convos and planning things. Though yea the facebook group because its so active, I spend waaay too much time in there. I really need to cut back and focus on spending more time with my meatspace friends.

            Keep in contact man, you’r the only other one in the same city as me with Toxic 2 hours away, and Shawn Barney 4.

          5. I wonder how narrow it can go? If we can work it down to a single letter, then our work here is done.

          6. How narrow can we go? How narrow can we go?
            *To the theme of that song everybody sings when you have to go under the pole, whose name Ive unfortunately forgotten*

  2. Its been 4 days now? Really? Some people must be going crazy, while others rediscover the loneliness of offline play.

    1. I was mistaken, the actual number being reported was 6 as of last night, I’ve been without PSN for 4 days as of yesterday.

      Still, it would seem that either folks are about to slit their wrist after realizing that COD has a half-baked campaign mode, or they’ll be forced to make friends (LAN party!).

      1. LAN Parties are awesome, I remember back in the day with Ghost Recon 2, my friend would bring over his xbox and in my living room wed set up 2 TVs, one TV for one team and the other for the other team on each side of the living room and play 4 vs 4.

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