Sony Announces PSN And Qrirocity Limited Return And ‘Welcome Back’ Program

Sony boss Kaz Hirai held a press conference yesterday in Japan, or last night here in the states, to address the PlayStation Network and Qrirocity outage than happened because 77 million people had their personal date compromised in an attack last week. He outlined some of Sony’s plans to relaunch their online services.

He stated it would be a “phased restoration by region” The first features you can count on being restored first are online gaming for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, account management and password reset features and unexpired movie rentals. The most important of which is the password reset and account management features. I found it pretty disturbing when Sony said I needed to change my password, but was unable to access it.

Hirai went on to say that network security had be updated. I SURE HOPE SO! The datacenter housing the PSN will be moved to a “more secure” location. Users will also only be able to change their password on the console the account was originally created on. If you are unable to do that for some reason, you will have to opt for a validated e-mail confirmation.

Sony also want’s to give its customers a goodwill gift that to show their appreciation for their support, loyalty and patience. Named the “Welcome Back Appreciation Program” It will launch worldwide, but will vary slightly by region. Basically it consists of some free downloads of “selected PlayStation entertainment content” and 30 days free of the PlayStation Plus service. More information about what will be apart of the program will be available in the coming weeks.

Sony has also promised that they will help its customers in enrolling in identity theft protection services if credit card fraud becomes an issue.

It seems like Sony is trying their best to make up for it’s absolutely EPIC FAIL, but I’m not sure this will restore users trust overnight. You can’t expect to throw out some free shit and expect all to be better. It will take time to rebuild that trust. It is nice for them to finally admitting their was a fuck up and taking responsibility for it, and doing what they can to correct it.

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  1. I hope to god there is some awesome free downloads. Because right now this little “outage” has made me use my ps3 even less used than it already was.

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