GeoHot flees to South America

So the whole GeoHot vs Sony ordeal keeps on getting more and more ridiculous interesting. A federal magistrate had recently ordered George “GeoHot” Hotz to hand over his computer drives and PlayStation 3 as well as information to any PlayStation Network account he has. GeoHot gave them what they wanted but not before removing critical sections of the hard drives before handing them over. From the full official document filed by Sony:

When SCEA echoed TIG’s request that the components of the hard drives be delivered immediately, Hotz’s counsel responded that Hotz was in South America.

Sony also found evidence that GeoHot had lied about not having a PSN account. The supposed PSN account “blickmanic” was accessed via Hotz’s PS3 and that same pseudonym is tied to Hotz’s iPhone jailbreaking days. GeoHot better hope that Hugo Chavez is a big fan of the PS3 being able to dual-boot into Linux. Karma is a bitch, ain’t it Hotzy?

Source: VGHQ

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  1. Good riddance, and why would you wan’t to hack the PS3? Everyone knows the PS3 has no games.

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