Announcements: National Pancake Day

This is for your gut therefore it is relevant; IHOP is once again giving away a free short stack of pancakes as part of their National Pancake Day celebration. This year you can get a free short stack and in return, IHOP is asking guests to make a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is a 501(c)3 charity and has been … Continue reading Announcements: National Pancake Day

Winklevii lose appeal to increase settlement amount

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss can’t seem to get no love these days. First they were publicly called “assholes” by former Harvard president Larry Summers and now they are being told they must stick with the measly $65 million settlement they were originally awarded from their Facebook lawsuit. After being awarded that small sum of money, the twins filed a motion last month claiming that Facebook … Continue reading Winklevii lose appeal to increase settlement amount

Nexus S…in spaaaaaaaaaaace!

What’s that? Androids in space? There’s something really fitting about this whole thing as the word “android” has always had a sci-fi connection to space. Famous space-faring androids include Data from Star Trek, Roy Batty from Blade Runner, and Max 404 from Android. Today Google and Samsung are bringing that fantasy a bit closer to reality by sending their own Androids into space on board NASA’s final space shuttle launch. This isn’t the first time the Nexus S has tried to become space-worthy as it made it to “near space” in Google’s own tests back in December. However, the presence of it on board the Atlantis space shuttle now makes it official that the Nexus S is the first NASA approved commercial smartphone cleared to fly on a NASA shuttle and to be cleared for use on the International Space Station. Continue reading “Nexus S…in spaaaaaaaaaaace!”

Number of “geeky” women professionals dropping dramatically

Over the years there’s been a big push around the topic of “women in tech,” with keynotes, seminars, and more all aiming to spotlight influential women in technology as well as aiming to encourage more women to get jobs in tech sectors. Not everyone is quite on board with the “women in tech” focus, let alone with that term, but regardless of whether people find that term either encouraging or disparaging, the cold facts remain that the number of “women in tech” is declining heavily. Continue reading “Number of “geeky” women professionals dropping dramatically”

NoiseNightOut: gdgt in NYC

Last Monday we were on hand at gdgt’s reader meet up in New York City; gadget put on a show that was equal parts reader appreciation and consumer electronics trade show as their sponsors brought the attendees some of the most delectable wares on the market today. Everyone from Motorola to HTC to Makerbot Industries was on hand to give the public an opportunity to see some of the things we all read about on a daily basis. Continue reading “NoiseNightOut: gdgt in NYC”

And now it’s SEGA’s turn

Hey guys, another day, another company gets hacked. This time it appears that the SEGA Pass system has been compromised and though some sites are already pointing to the hacker group Lulz Security, there has not been a group to take credit for effectively shutting down SEGA’s forums.

UPDATE: Well, here’s LulzSec’s statement via their twitter account:

According to SEGA, email addresses, date of birth, and encrypted passwords have been stolen in this breach. SEGA affirms that no personal payment info was compromised by this attack. Full notice after the jump. Continue reading “And now it’s SEGA’s turn”

Humanity has reached interstellar space (or very nearly)

Sagan and his best bud, Voyager Numero Uno
From left to right: Voyager 1, Carl Sagan/Total Badass

Voyager 1, everyone’s favorite space probe, has reached or will soon reach interstellar space. Voyager 1 is one of the two original Voyager probes launched in 1977 and she has a glorious stellar track record. She flew past Jupiter and Saturn in 1979 and 1980, respectively, and has continued to make observations from deep stellar space ever since, outliving her original mission timeline by just over 30 years, which makes Opportunity’s endurance look like nothing. (You know, that Mars rover that just won’t die) Continue reading “Humanity has reached interstellar space (or very nearly)”

New study shows iPads really can disable airplanes

Before every flight there’s an announcement telling you to switch off all portable electronic devices and cell phones. I’ve heard this announcement countless times and I usually obey it. The announcement may or may not include a notice saying that you may use electronic devices again once at cruising altitude, but only if they’re not generating a cellular signal or other such radio waves. For most modern devices like cell phones, you have an Airplane Mode option which kills off any dangerous emissions and limits your device to basic offline capabilities. With in-flight WiFi now a possibility, the warnings regarding the dangers of electronic devices on airplanes has become all but a moot point in modern air travel. Continue reading “New study shows iPads really can disable airplanes”

New Jersey Supreme Court – Bloggers not protected by Shield Law

For those that may not know, shield laws aka reporters’ privilege allow reporters to keep confidential the names of sources during the news gathering and dissemination process. In English, you don’t have to reveal your sources. This morning, the New Jersey Supreme Court shot down  Shellee Hale’s request for protection in a defamation suit filed against her by software company Too Much Media. The original … Continue reading New Jersey Supreme Court – Bloggers not protected by Shield Law

Noisecast Roundup: Who the hell cares?

Yeah, so Apple threw some stuff to the wind, namely their typical secretive attitude towards press announcements, and that’s got people all in a tizzy. Why did they tell us what they’re covering? Why did they change it up this year? Why are people making a big deal about it? We all know they’re gonna auto-fellate while describing it anyway. So here’s a roundup that’s not about that, after the break and this video.

Continue reading “Noisecast Roundup: Who the hell cares?”

Moleskine US Travel Collection Launch: Objectivity

Image via Moleskine's Flickr Page

When you’ve got a reputation for making exquisitely designed notebooks and drawing pads, to launch your latest collection of travel gear a starchy press release just won’t do. So when Moleskine debuted its travel collection (originally announced at Milan’s Design Week), gear that is handsome enough to sit in a museum, they hooked up with Eyebeam Art + Technology Center and put on an all day workshop and interactive art exhibit to show that they’re more than just sweet looking notebooks.

Earlier this month, Moleskine and Eyebeam Art + Technology Center put on a joint exhibit called Objectivity where they asked guest to re-imagine Moleskine and use their iconic notebooks and pads as inspiration for art that combined both old and new technology; most importantly, they encouraged viewers to participate. Continue reading “Moleskine US Travel Collection Launch: Objectivity”

Oh Sh*t I can order White Castle online?

What’s that you say? I can order White Castle burgers online? Put down that vaporizer and get a plan going before the munchies set in. Honestly, the only good thing I can say about White Castle burgers (can we really call them burgers?) is that it is the perfect (anti)hangover food. Seriously, if you’ve ever woken from a bender White Castle is probably the only … Continue reading Oh Sh*t I can order White Castle online?

Design Porn: Moleskine Moves Beyond Dead Trees

Moleskine’s notebooks and notepads are the definition of clean, classic design. Their products combine both form and function; quite frankly, they make you look like you’re doing something important instead of what I normally do with my Moleskine. In April, Moleskine moved beyond the page and began selling their own branded non-paper good items like roller pens (pictured above), bags, booklights, iPad stands, even glasses. … Continue reading Design Porn: Moleskine Moves Beyond Dead Trees

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