Oh Sh*t I can order White Castle online?

Order online. Start the car. Hijinks ensue.

What’s that you say? I can order White Castle burgers online? Put down that vaporizer and get a plan going before the munchies set in.

Honestly, the only good thing I can say about White Castle burgers (can we really call them burgers?) is that it is the perfect (anti)hangover food. Seriously, if you’ve ever woken from a bender White Castle is probably the only solid food you can hold down. Also, the magic sliders are probably the perfect pre-gaming food for that all night bender you got planned.

The caveat I can think of is that you’ll still have to make your way to the actual restaurant to pick up your sack of sliders. Oh hell, I promise you the couch won’t go anywhere by the time you get back; so go ahead and place your order – it just got real.

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