Noisecast Roundup: Who the hell cares?

Yeah, so Apple threw some stuff to the wind, namely their typical secretive attitude towards press announcements, and that’s got people all in a tizzy. Why did they tell us what they’re covering? Why did they change it up this year? Why are people making a big deal about it? We all know they’re gonna auto-fellate while describing it anyway. So here’s a roundup that’s not about that, after the break and this video.

Lodsys decides to try and spell out their logic, to whatever end.

Yeah, those patent trolls who insist that a certain format of in-app purchasing infringes upon their intellectual property, have gone ahead with the suits against certain iOS developers. I guess they weren’t turned off by Apple’s response. But apparently, they’re offering $1000 to every developer they trolled if they end up being wrong.

Your head is getting fried by your cell phone.

But at the best 4G speeds available, right? Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic.” This goes on the shelf with all sorts of debates about it, both on the internet and within the health community. This doesn’t mean you can now sue AT&T for brain cancer, but it says that there’s a possibility of a tie between cell phones and tumors.

Call of Duty looks to branch out into making more money.

Everyone loves shooting friends and strangers via dual joysticks, all while being cussed out by angry 9 year olds, so now you can pay more to do so. Of course, they aren’t charging for the multiplayer aspect, but instead they’re opting to charge to track all the inane data points about your play. Yeah, like baseball stats, only for thumb-jockeys. While the service seems to get pretty good reviews, I suspect this will be only for the hardcore.

Mac Defender Defense is released to go on the offense.

So for those of you who picked up that Google Images based internet ickyness, you can head over here to read about Apple’s  security update. So I guess that’s their admittance of guilt in the “we ain’t perfect” race. Welcome to the real world, guys.

Intel decides we need another class of computers to compete with the iPad.

So in case your Desktops, Desktop replacements, netbooks, notebooks and tablets weren’t enough, Intel wants to introduce the Ultrabook computer class. The ideal specs, according to Intel, are less than 1″ thick, with days of battery life on standby, and cost less than $1000. All of this is supposed to beat the iPad, but seems pretty much like a MacBook Air beater.

Night Owls: If you’re gonna be up, stay up and watch Endeavor land tonight.

NASA has given the go ahead for a landing tonight, so if you’re a sucker for seeing the last landing of a faithful space ship, tune in at Nasa TV. Also, don’t forget about Atlantis, which is making its final rollout to the launch pad tonight.

Best of Computex 2011:

Not much of this is gleaming, shiny newness, but if you want to see how Taiwan’s tech show is going, check the link.

More Space Stuff:

Mars rover Spirit is still in its coma, but the orbiter Odessey has been tuning in for random messages, and will continue to do so until June 8, at 12:30 Pacific time. After that, it’s just gonna be talking to itself, which is no more sad than imagining Wall-e all alone on a foreign planet with no one to talk to.

Twitter is trying to maximize their monetary worth.

There’s lots of talk about how much tech companies are worth, and one of the more concrete basis for these guesstimations is their income. Well, Twitter has decided that they want to make that number bigger, and has acquired web advertising firm AdGrok. Aside from the cool name, the company seems to have the analytics industry pretty well figured out. Today, the company has joined the ranks of Twitter’s revenue engineering team, which is cool, as long as half of my timeline isn’t promoted tweets.

That’s it for tonight. Enjoy your Tuesday night.

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