Noisecast Roundup 04-13-2011: We broke up, now fix me a sandwich

Am I going through some things right now? Screw you, mind your own goddamn business (but thanks for asking). We’re going to try a slightly different format today. We might as well experiment for the cleanest approach to the roundup. Today’s format experiment is courtesy of Lifehacker. Their roundup differs from most others (and ours) in being both organized and small. Where others (and us) bombard with at times dozens of links, they stay cool with about 6 – 10 at most. Let’s see how this feels.

  • After a breakup, Cleaning can heal.
    Amy Preiser over at DIYlife explains that one of the best things you can do. This goes for both men and women, so don’t bother with the “get in the kitch’n, fix me mah sandwich, woman!” jokes.
  • Judge says Winkledumb twins can’t back out of facebook deal.
    The Winklevoss twins just got rejected. The judge saw through the move to try and get a fatter share of facebook now that it’s valued at $70 billion. According to the judge, eventually, litigation must stop. They plan to seek a rehearing with the entire bench. *sigh* Go away. We’ve moved on to a slightly more interesting Facebook fight.
  • Mission Control won’t get a Shuttle.
    Houston, we have a problem. The NASA powers-that-be are being bitchasses and won’t retire one of their sweet rides here, where we talked them through their lives. What? If you don’t start nuthin’, there won’t be nuthin’. What! I’m just sayin’.
  • Mozilla Introduces Aurora, their “Dev build”
    Mozilla decides to grace us with the dev build of the next iteration of Firefox. Maybe this time instead of making us wait forever, they’ll make us wait forever plus an extra year for a browser that still guzzles resources and is really not as impressive as it should be at this point. I guess they’re trying to keep up with Microsoft.
  • This is what Schizophrenia looks like on a molecular level.
    Contrary to my personal beliefs, schizophrenia is not caused by Demonic possession. A small part of me wonders what that means for all the people whose skulls i drilled into in order to release the trapped spirit. Hope they’re okay.
  • How to fail succefully.
    Carefully. And make it look like a sexy dance that you meant to do.
  • How to Fix (or Kill) Web Data about You.
    It requires a lot of work, and I recommend you read through it and pay attention. Of course, one important thing to do is to be mindful about your behavior online.
  • Apple Is Said to be Launching White iPhone shortly.
    Two words: yeah right. Gah! The word count is increasing! You win this time, Apple! ps the fever is spreading. I’m dubious on the news till I see it.
  • Microsoft may unveil Windows 8 in September.
    This doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary, considering Windows 8 is slated for a 2012 release. If it’s anything like Windows 7, we should start getting Betas to play with come September. If it’s optimized to run on ARM architecture, does that mean it will be lightweight on workhorses? Someone give me an answer!
  • Tragedy: The inventor of cartridge-based videogame consoles, Jerry Lawson, dead at 70.
    Do I need to say this? This man invented an industry and kept many of us out of trouble… and Harvard probably, throughout our childhood. Go(o)d speed my friend.
  • 1882 varmint trap.
    There are two ways to make a mousetrap: Like a boss, or like everyone else. Take a guess which this is. This man clearly did not like mice and rats.
  • WP7 “Mango” for Developers, one hell of an update.
    Begun, the cellphone wars, have.
  • PC shipments decline 3.2 percent in first quarter.
    Why? Possibly a number of reasons. Tablets and phones chipping away, the quake in Japan, the waste products of the recession, who knows. Just read the damn thing.
  • Priceline founder, Jay Walker, Sues everybody.
    There seems to be some sort of Paul Allen bug going around. Jay Walker is suing everybody under the sun for everything and I can’t wait for the sparks to fly and the lulz to ensue. Chances are, the man has about as much of a chance as Paul Allen did. (More than likely, he has a better chance).

Oh who am I kidding. You know I still love you all.

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