Internet Behemoth Wikipedia is Moving Away From GoDaddy In Response To GoDaddy’s Stance on SOPA

As you may have heard, GoDaddy is was a big supporter of SOPA. Well, they most likely still are, but they just won’t be as public about it from now on. Why? The reason is simple.


And now after the discussion began on reddit and continued to gain steam, Wikipedia is planning to move away from GoDaddy.

You’ve probably used Wikipedia hundreds of times. If you’re reading this, the number more likely reaches the thousands. Many redditors transferred hundreds of domains to other hosts, which caused GoDaddy to issue a statement that basically boiled down to “We totally tried to make it better, but we’re not with those guys now. Come back? Please?”

But because the internet isn’t comprised solely of morons, their customers chuckled softly and continued transferring domains. Several of GoDaddy’s competitors were offering cheap domain transfers if you used promo codes like SOPAsucks, and one site even laid out step-by-step instructions on how to tell GoDaddy that their waffling was the bad kind and no amount of apologetic syrup would make it better. Okay, that was a bad one. I’ll do better next time.

Well now one of the largest and most used websites on the internet is saying goodbye to GoDaddy. Wikipedia founder Jim Wales has announced that The Free Encyclopedia will be transferring away from GoDaddy and moving to a new domain host. What does this mean for GoDaddy? It means that many bricks are currently being shat in the offices right now. When hundreds of smaller domains say “Support SOPA all you want, you won’t do it with my money” you might be able to ignore it. When the term-paper-writing behemoth says the same thing, that’s when the buttholes begin to pucker.

Now the important part, because humans are selfish by nature. What does it mean for you? A couple of things, actually. It means that first and foremost, you’re not alone. Even some of the big guys realize the devastating potential of SOPA and PROTECT IP. It also means that if you still haven’t made a donation to Wikipedia, you should get over there and thank them with your money. It’s going to cost a lot of money to move all of those domains, and you can help.

Sources: Technology on Reddit, Wikipedia

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