Behind the Curtain: Waterworks

For the geek that might actually get laid.

Apparently ThinkGeek has a USB pregnancy test that you plug into your computer and get in-depth analysis instead of just some cryptic lines or colors or whatever the fuck those things show you. The lovely Maid Marian tried to share this with the crew and predictably, they made it weird.

This is why we can’t have nice things. this is also why I love working with all of you. Except Ron, because that guy’s a dick.

Source: ThinkGeek

5 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain: Waterworks”

  1. I plugged one of these into my Inspiron 1300 and six weeks later, out popped a Mini 9.

    Better drink my own piss.

    1. Becuase you’re an asshat. We only keep you around because we’re fascinated that you fathered such a cute offspring. It boggles science.

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