“Windows Phone is beautiful,” so sayeth The Woz

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In an article in Business Insider, the patron saint of all things geek, Steve Wozniak heavily poured on the praise for the Nokia Lumia 900. Wozniak is no stranger to the concept of “device agnostic” as he’s been known to dabble with Android handsets and is prominently seen at iPhone/iPad launch days.

Wozniak recently appeared on an interview with The Report and was sharing his thoughts on his recently purchased Nokia Lumia 900. The Woz gave Windows Phone 7 glowing reviews in terms of app design and attention to detail being quoted as saying that the Windows Phone apps “are more beautiful than the same apps on Android and iOS.” Woz even complimented the usability of the platform saying it felt “more like a friend than a tool.”

Even with those positives, Woz did dish out some critique of the platform citing the lack of apps and tools like Android’s voice dictation or the iPhone’s Siri. Guess you can’t win them all Windows Phone.

Source: Business Insider

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