Nintendo reports nearly half-billion in losses

Looks like there’s trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom, Nintendo’s latest quarterly earnings report is not looking good. According to a report in Forbes, the Big N reported a net loss to the tune of $461.2M – worse still, selling the Nintendo 3DS at a loss isn’t helping matters either.

Worse still is the projected plan to right the ship; Nintendo’s quarterly report seems to be hedging their bets on a continued stream of rehashed, re-released, or updated versions of their own properties. It appears that Nintendo is expecting to make the 3DS profitable with more Link, Mario, and Donkey Kong games and little contribution from third-parties. This is starting to read like a really bad Greek tragedy.

If there’s a silver lining to be found it’s in Nintendo’s plans to work extensively with third-party developers for their upcoming Wii U console. Let’s hope that the Wii U can truly stun and motivate game development, otherwise Nintendo can just go ahead and start investing in red ink.

Sources: Forbes, Nintendo

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