Noisestash Roundup: Someone asked for it… we delivered

It’s been a while since we’ve done a roundup; we can’t promise we’ll make it a regular post again, but for now here is the tech news of the day. First things first, here’s a quick musical interlude:

We already got Woz’s opinion on Android apps, but Wired spoke to devs and they explain why most Android apps are ugly as sin. via GadgetLabs

A few years back, the FCC opened an investigation on Google’s Street View and accusations that Google was collecting private data from local WiFi networks. Now that the case is officially closed, Google’s been fined, and the FCC has moved on to other items, Google publicly released their report to the FCC and in their report, “Engineer Doe” had admitted to writing software specifically for collecting “payload data” (yeah, they were collecting private data). Even with that, apparently it wasn’t in violation of any illegal wiretapping laws according to the FCC. Go figure. via The Washington Post

And now, a new Nintendo 3DS color will be available in May. Same release date as Mario Tennis.

A new color is blooming for Nintendo #3DS, arriving in stores 5/20 the same day as #MarioTennisOpen. Take a peek here

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) April 30, 2012

Rather sad news coming from across the Pond (they say Pond because they’re classy); UK high court has just ruled in favor of blocking The Pirate Bay on five of the UK’s largest ISP’s: SKY, Talk Talk, O2, Virgin Media, and Everything Everywhere. In an earlier ruling, the high court ruled that The Pirate Bay’s operators “incite or persuade” piracy. So does prohibition.   Censorship is real people. via TechRadar

That concludes tonight’s abridged version of the Noisecast Roundup; if you like what you see let us know in the comments.

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