Noisecast Roundup: 07/18/2011

Well, it’s another roundup. Yay. Let’s get to it.

  • Confirmed: All non-African people are part Neanderthal.
    “Though it’s worth pointing out that from now on, if someone says, “I hate the whole human race,” they’re technically only talking about black people. That may or may not be racist.” – Courtesy of Tom Haflinger.
  • U.S. Army testing Android, iOS, and WP7 on the battlefield.
    Can’t get AT&T signal in New Mexico and Texas. You probably think I made a joke. Read the article. Wow, spotty AT&T coverage, how shocking. SHOCKING I TELL YOU, that it’s only New Mexico and Texas where the coverage is spotty. I choose to believe that’s because they were only tested in New Mexico and Texas.
  • There is no longer an iPad backlog.
    Oh thank god. My life was on hold. I was worried that everyone on the planet was going to only have one iPad, but now we can feed their addiction and get themselves moar applez.

This guy is always good for a laugh.

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