The Internet Of Things: There’s More Internets Than People

Hard economic times? What hard economic times?! Cisco may be making headlines for scaling back production a bit, but they’re not dismayed. Not when the number of devices connected to the internet has outnumbered human being living and breathing on planet earth for three years now. To inspire you and, we assume, their remaining employees, Cisco has lovingly put together this nifty infographic that paints an actually pretty exciting picture of where the internet is headed over the next couple decades.

One of the more interesting things, which I didn’t know, is apparently there are some Dutch farmers that have wireless, internet-connected sensors on their cows, to let farmers know when one of their cattle is sick or something. Yes, that’s right. While Google’s off in California working tirelessly to make your lightbulbs Android-compatible, the Dutch have already connected cows to the internet.

Hit up the source link to see the whole inforgraphic, as well as Cisco’s vision of an internet-connected world. Which, it seems, includes giving the earth a digital skin, and every atom on earth 100 IP addresses of their very own.

Source: Cisco Blog

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