Noisecast Roundup 4-15-2011: Happy Birthday

Today is the anniversary of the birth of the great master, Leonardo da Vinci in 1452. The master, the original (quasi-modern) polyhistor, this was a man truly to be admired. Other notable births this April 15th are Charlie Chaplin, and Emma Watson. But it is now and forever the master whose birthday I feel most honored celebrating. Let’s move on to the roundup after the jump. Tonight will be short.

  • Obama Calls for Secure-Online Identity System
    So basically, this hasn’t been forgotten. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about all this. On the one hand, there is the safety/security benefit, but it also makes you infinitely trackable (more so than you currently are). Chances are there will be ways around this just as there currently are, but in that case, we already know the criminal element won’t be deterred. In other words this will not stop bad things from happening but will make you much easier to track. So… I guess I do know how I feel about this. Read up about it and decide how you feel for yourself.
  • A little self-indulgence: How I Defuse my Anger.
    This is a Noiseclass entry on one of many methods of dealing with anger. This is what I use and it has been comfortable and successful. I do go on a slight philosophical tangent to try and make it make sense though. Apologies. Since it is my birthday, I feel less embarrassed for the self indulgence in sharing my own post in a roundup. On a rational level, however, it occurs to me that the roundup is better suited for news and write-ups from elsewhere. One can presume that if you’re reading this, you’re not a stranger to our website.
  • E-book Sales Triple While all Other Books Tumble Year-Over-Year.
    It would seem the massacre continues. There have been numerous false starts but this time, the cheapness and ubiquity of the devices, plus a new generation more open to technological change and less married to the old traditions are hastening the transformation of the market. This shouldn’t be a surprise. The book as a medium hasn’t changed in over 500 years. It has been one of our most static inventions. The internet is presiding over the slow death of discs and has already slaughtered physical music media. This was written in the stars.
  • Brazilian Police Get to Play Robocop with Cool New Gear.
    Not going to lie here… I am jealous. However, much more interesting than the article are all the comments beneath it. Americans are really butthurt at Brazil for some reason.
  • Sony: PS3 Shipments Surpass 50 Million Units, Finally.
    Microsoft and Nintendo yawn in response. Check out the link for the press release.
  • The Politics of Canada’s Metered Billing.
    As it turns out, the worst broadband terms in America are in our least important state, Canada. Strict data caps, draconian anti-piracy rules, black-clad mounties who politely admonish you in a chiding manner when you download illegally (which you wouldn’t do, because you’re Canadian and that would be impolite). Ars walks us through the politics of this metered billing they use. Oh, don’t be bashful. You know I love you, Canada. I tease because I love you. You keep America’s head warm. :P
  • Google Music Talks Stalled.
    Things are not looking bueno for Google Music’s talks with the record labels. This is unfortunate because… of something to do with people totally listening to music and stuff. Anyway, point is, whatever Google’s terms are, it can’t be easy for them. The labels already have massive deals with groups like Apple and Amazon and are doing just fine, plus these companies are already boning the labels by being fair to both artists and consumers. They have no vested interest in letting Google bring their art to the people at reasonable prices and with reasonable quality. That would be crazy…

So, that’s a wrap for Friday, April 15th, 2011.  I kept it short as promised. I leave you with this parting video, why? Because love will be made tonight, damn it.

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