Lumia 710 Tango update spotted in China

And now… we wait.

The much anticipated CR3 (8773+) aka “Tango” seems to be prepped for global release after its initial roll out in China. The update hit Nokia’s Nokia Care Suite some time yesterday and appears to be the update that will bring multiple tweaks to the phone’s MMS handling, 256MB phone support, among other changes. Sadly there’s no word on whether or not this update brings the Lumia 710 into the present and allows you to tether your device.

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Tango will be available to AT&T customers “soon” though no specific date has been announced. For now, both T-Mobile and AT&T, will have to wait an see.

Source: WP Central

7 thoughts on “Lumia 710 Tango update spotted in China”

  1. I’m sure AT&T will rush to get that Tango update out to its handsets. Oh wait, AT&T handsets have been stuck on the Mango 7720 update, while both the 7740 and 8107 updates have been out for months, but AT&T won’t release them. Never mind. 

    1. While I don’t have a WP7 handset, I really don’t understand why Carriers insists on handling OS updates. It should be up to the phone manufactures who create the specs on the phone.

      1. Carriers don’t like changes to software that take away from their profitability. Back in the day, Verizon used to block Motorola sync software updates that allowed a person to download photos off their dumb flip phones, because Verizon figured out they could make phone owners pay for MMS or emails containing pictures. Carriers are just as worried today that an OS feature might take away a revenue path from them.

        1. I see you point but in my opinion that is dumb. They’re already racking in dough from charging me 30 something bucks for my upgrade which basically consisted of guy already on the payroll clicking some buttons for 5 minutes among other nonsense fees.

          And besides nowadays you have to have a data plan of some sorts so anything that they get money from and anything that improves the OS gives you the opportunity chug down more data is a plus for them.  If a phone can handle the update, push it out. That makes the phone more usable and if it’s more usable I’m likely to use it more. 

          1.  You argument is logical and well thought. And that’s why the carriers don’t agree :)

  2. And now MS says none of the currently shipping WP7 handsets will get Apollo when it come out this fall. Way to shoot yourself in the foot MS (and Nokia) – all those brand new Lumia 900s are already end-of-lifed as far as software updates. 

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