RIP Google Buzz

You remember Google Buzz? You sure? Well, that’s cool. It’s not gonna be around much longer anyway. Google announced on their blog today that Buzz will shut down in a few weeks. On top of killing off Google Labs today, and the announcement that Code Search will be dropped off a cliff on January 15, 2012, Google announced that since they’ve gotten Google+, there’s no need to keep Buzz around.

After the shut down, users may not post any new posts, but old content will be available to view and download with Google Takeout. It seems that Google is cleaning house, which is probably a good idea. I wonder how many projects they have piled up like old toys in the living room, which means they aren’t putting concerted effort into one money-making venture, like Google+ which already has 40 million users. Since it’s been said recently that Google+ is imitation, not creation, perhaps they should try to focus their energies on a few projects, instead of a few hundred.

Sources: All Things D, Google Blog

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