Noisecast Roundup 10-14-2011: RIP Edition

Hey, it’s Friday so here’s the last roundup of the week. Hope you’ve had a bang up week. I’m ready to pack it up for the weekend and just crash. Tonight we have stuff and things. RIP Buzz and film cameras. A dear Apple TWIFY rant from an Apple fan, and more. We’re at New York Comic Con, so if you come across one of the homies, say hi and take a pic. Stay tuned for updates from it from Vitto and Alberto. Don’t forget to talk to us or at us or send us tips on Twitter @noisecast, and on Facebook. Holler.

This Week In EFF-U. Apple… Wait, What?

Well this is an oddity. The resident fanboy actually upset with Apple. His arguments are of course sound, and the reason for frustration is fair. At this point, everyone agrees that Apple dropped the ball on iCloud. But there is so much promise. Apple will get it right.

Arkham City Is Not Living Up To Big Brother.

Did you know that Arkham Assylum has the Guinness record for most critically acclaimed whatsa-jigger ever? Yeah, it set the bar high and it looks like Arkham City, while a good game, is falling short in reviews. Of course, at the end of the day, dollars are the only reviews that count.

RIP Film Cameras.

Good old fashioned film is dead. The camera makers have all quietly discontinued manufacturing film. They’ve been under a lot of pressure lately to go all digital. But film has remained huge. Even most digital films were partly filmed with film. If memory serves me well, Attack of The Clones was the first all digital, top to bottom movie filmed. It was also the first movie whose actors were made up entirely of lifeless, emotionless mannequins.

US Is The Global Leader In 4G LTE After Less Than A Year.

Yay us! Wait, does this count all the companies who just throw the term 4G out for the hell of it? Because in that case, I’m fairly certain the US is the leader in the galaxy, if not the universe.

Senators Allegedly Being Useful. Stay Tuned For The Catch.

Speaking of which, Senators are trying to kill the joy by introducing a bill that will force big telecoms to actually, you know, have 4G, when they claim they do.

RIP Google Buzz.

It was still alive?

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