New Tech allows for realistic insertion of objects into spaces

It’s hard enough to trust pictures you see on the internet. Thanks to Kevin Karsh and John C. Hart (and their paper Snaxels on a Plane) it’s about to get just a little bit more difficult. Their work has created algorithms for plotting the space in which objects and light are taken into account and allow you to realistically add both static and mobile objects into a scene, without even taking measurements.

Their NPAR (Non-photorealistic Animation and Rendering) submission won honorable mention this year, and shows how easy it is to use their software. Simply take a photo, align the appropriate depth and vanishing point lines and you’ve got an instant 3d shot of the scene. Their software even allows for detailed light manipulation, including non-direct lighting, shadows and reflections.

Check this more detailed video for an in-depth look at how it works:

Thanks Dragos!

Source: How to Web

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