Noisecast Roundup 10-17-2011: Cancer Is A Tricky Jerk Edition

Dafuq you talking about, Kirk? Anyway, it’s Monday and we’re back to the damn roundup. As you’ve see, we’ve been busy posting like crazy today. Will this pace continue? Who knows? What I know is, you have a lot of reading to do so I’ll make this short. This is the round up. Holler.

Oh Google. Your Shenanigans Are As Disappointing As They Are Expected.

“I’m not accusing Google of anything nefarious here, just yet; if they wanted to keep tabs on everything everyone searches for in a way that associates it with user accounts, there are far sneakier ways to do it than quietly re-enabling a user facing option. My assumption is that there’s a Google product (or two) that re-enables Web History for one reason or another, and the alert mentioning that fact (if said alert exists) is just a bit too subtle for any of us to remember.” Yes, my title was misleading, that’s why I pasted this paragraph to calm you down before you rush there in a hurry, panicked out of your wits.

The Same Gene That Promotes Prostate Cancer May Prevent Breast Cancer.

Well that blows. Seriously, this sucks. We already know that cancer isn’t one thing. It might be the same basic mechanism, but different cancers are not the same cancers, if you catch my drift. Scientists have located a gene that when turned on promotes a certain type of cancer, but when turned off promotes a different type. FUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

US Government Entertains Replacing Old Benji With The Apple Logo On The Hundred Dollar Bill.

Apple made oodles and oodles of money… wait… how is this still news?

Texas Is Anti-Science… No Way! Shocking!

This really pisses me off. Basically, they censored or deleted any evidence toward climate change. The study was commissioned to see the damage so that Texas can prepare, but they did things like deleting the observation that sea level rise on the Texas coast is 5 times faster than it previously was. All this for politics. Is it denial? Will these Republican lackies (appointed by Rick Perry) secretly work to fix this while publicly continue to pander to their scientifically-ignorant base? This sort of thing pisses me off. Not the politics, not the agenda, not the manipulation, but the molestation of science. I hate it when done by anyone, including other scientists. Science and math are meant to be pure, true 0 given current knowledge. Fuck you, Texas. I hate that I love living here so much, otherwise, I would totally pack my bags and leave! Jerk! :P

Samsung blah blah, Apple yadda yadda.

Oh this again? Yeah yeah, Samsung’s not going to win. At some point it because cheaper to make a few modifications and shut Apple’s legal team up. Also, fun times, good seeing Appl muddying itself by playing the same petty game Microsoft does. Oh yeah, when Microsoft does it, nobody cares that they have more patents than almost any other company, or that their research arm is more productive than almost any other company. No, Microsoft MUST be full of shit. But Apple is protecting its hard earned cash. Please. Shut up, ass hats. Meanwhile, back to this nonsense. For once, Shut up, Samsung. You’re just embarrassing yourselves.

This Article Is Totally ‘Shopped.

I can tell from some of the pixels and having seen quite a few shops in my time.

Well, That’s a wrap. Will there be more productive days like this? Will Steven make us an instructional video that isn’t too long due to blathering? Will Kevlar’s heart grow three sizes larger so that he stops being a jerk? Will Vitto calm down? Find out tomorrow on another exciting episode of, THE NOISECAST ROUNDUP!!!!! (dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun)

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