Show Notes: Episode 39 – Ack! Steven’s Gone Again

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Howdy ho. It’s another episode of the Noisecast Podcast. This time coming to you late night to match the dulcet tones of the host, Rontourage, with Steven still chillaxing in Greece. Also, Steven’s birthday. Holla. Okay I’m bored, but this episode was great. you can get the shownotes after the jump but give the episode a listen here. Don’t forget to subscribe:

Episode 39 Topic List
Date: 07/31/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Ron, Kevlar, Eric, Gonzo

  1. Did Scotland Yard Get Trolled?
  2. Google buys IBM patents:
  3. Social games coming to G+ –
  4. Facebook will pay you $500 if you find bugs –
  5. iPhone 5 release, early Sept. –
    1. but AT&T’s employee blackout period suggests late Sept. –
  6. Nintendo sales plummeting, so they’re cutting costs –
  7. IE users are herp derp, study suggests –
  8. Foxconn to replace some workers with robots.

WTF! News

  1. Jeopardy! host injured after chasing burglar in SF – Yahoo! News
  2. Washington Man Shaves Ex-Girlfriend’s Head During Alleged Break-In – ABC News
  3. FL Woman arrested for cutting husband. Why? He didn’t pay the cat’s medical bills –
  4. 8yr old boy drives, while drunk dad sleeps –
  5. Breast cancer gene isolated, then patented. U.S. federal court says “Yeah, that’s cool”
  6. Texas Couple married by computer
  7. Kevlar added this one::
  8. someone dies in this one…
  9. Kmart glory hole
  10. Rontourage:

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