Wi-Fi hacker/harasser gets 18 years in prison

Neighbors can suck. They’re always blaming you for calling the cops because you tried to kiss their four year old. So the only thing to do is hack into their wireless network and frame them for pedophilia, right? If your name is Barry Ardolf, then sure.

Ardolf apparently got offended when the police were called on him for kissing his neighbors -the Kostolniks – 4 year old on the lips after the youngin’ wandered into his yard. Instead of talking to his neighbors about it or just letting it go, he downloaded a free program designed to crack the WEP encryption on his neighbors wireless network.

After his 1337 skills placed him behind their IP address, he created a false MySpace (so that’s who still uses it) page under Kostolniks name to post child porn on, as well as emailing the pictures to co-workers at the law office where Kostolnik worked. Not satisfied with this evil deed, he used the email addresses he had created (again, with Kostolniks name) to email death threats to politicians, including Joe Biden.

Since the emails were sent from Ardolf’s computer behind Kostolniks IP address, the Secret Service paid the wrong man a visit. After speaking to his bosses at the law firm and admitting he had no idea what was going on, Kostolnik allowed a packet sniffer to be installed on his network, which pointed directly to Ardolf [inception noise]. Apparently, he didn’t remember to switch back to his own network for some of the personal business, and left a bit of a trail.

Ardolf had used this tactic before, when a Brooklyn neighbor parked a car in front of his house – according to the FBI. After all was said and done, he was charged with identity theft, making threads to Biden and possession and distribution of child pornography. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison, with 20 years of monitoring upon release, as well as restricted access to computers and a lifetime title of “Sex Offender.”

The Noisecast only asks one question: Will he be moving to Florida?

Sources: Yahoo! News, Pioneer Press

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  1. It took him two weeks to crack the neighbors WEP. Pretty sure his ass will get cracked in a lot less time then that..

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