Roundup: Running late but still running

Hey guys, EnosonE here filling in for Agrippa. Facebook is in fact quite lame and though I do appreciate the attempt to make Toyota seem less beige, I just don’t buy it. But none of this actually matters; onward to our roundup!

We’ve questioned if there was a lack of lady geeks among us. Well fret not friends because they’ve responded (no, not directly) – by completely dominating Google’s Science fair. I’m sure they’ll be welcomed additions in their future fields. Girl Power!

I can’t get enough of Google Plus. I’m spending more and more time on there and I feel fine. Now there’s talk that Google Plus will be introducing gaming to their social media site. Just please no Farmville. Please!

You guys remember the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play? Just a couple of months ago it was available only on Verizon and if you’re not afraid or turned off by the rather poor reviews, it’s coming to AT&T by the end of the Year. Oh and it’ll be available in “Stealth Blue”. Yay?

Us citizens of the net are a funny breed. We’re all about the latest and greatest but when our favorite site decides to do a redesign; we lose our collective shit. Well at least the folks at TechCrunch managed to get a full post about their redesign.

By now you’ve probably heard, Netflix just raised their pricing by 60% if you stream AND get physical media sent to your home. But honestly for most customers it just feels like a big ol’ F-U.

Lastly, Google Plus has 10 million users; at least that’s what the tea leaves and a smart sounding guy say.

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