Noisecast Roundup: 07/13/2011

I’m back on another roundup. Let’s keep this one short and jump right into it, shall we?

  • Investigation finds egregious examples of unwanted phone charges.
    Oh, those dirty rats. You were right. You suspected it and you were right. Those jackasses have been overcharging you. Slipping little extra fees here and there to bolster their profits. This is corporate America. The Plutocracy that is our master. Yet we continue to sit there and take it on faith that we, the customer, matter. Perhaps we did matter once when we were bulldogs, but we’ve long since evolved into sheep.
  • WSJ: Amazon plans Android tablets for the Fall. Coming October.
    It’s still not official until Amazon says something. There is a 9 inch tablet coming and two new Kindles with one being a cheaper retool of the current Kindle and the other being a more premium device. I admit to having my interest considerably diminished. The indication seems to be that the new Tablet will be more a Nook competitor than an iPad competitor. I will have to see what it does before I can completely lose hope. However, lack of a camera eliminates a lot of services that I’ve come to be used to on phones and other tablets. How thin and light? Will it have an SD slot? Will the much rumored movie streaming service come to pass? Will it have HDMI out so that I can watch movies on a proper screen? Aspect ratio? I’m all ears Amazon, but at this moment, you’re working from a position of weakness with me. You need to sell it to me, since I have no interest in the Nook and the iPad is making a strong case for itself.
  • ‘Military Meltdown Monday’  – 90K Military usernames, hashes released.
    Anonymous hackers have broken into a server belonging to consultancy firm Booz Allen Hamilton and published a database containing some 90,000 military e-mail addresses and hashed passwords in what they named Military Meltdown Monday. The database appears to have come from a system used for tracking training and qualifications of military personnel. The full release also includes some information from another military training system, the Defense Acquisition University. There, I copied and pasted the first paragraph for you.
  • Google plus estimated to have already surged past 10 million users.
    This is fast, but also considering the way it’s rolled out and the visibility of social networks, and the number of Gmail users, this isn’t that surprising. It is still interesting the staggering pace. Added to the continued Googleverse integration and the eventual opening up, plus the clear advantages, this could easily become the second largest social network in the world before the year is up or by this time next year. I don’t however think that it will ever equal or surpass Facebook, at least not in the near future. There are people who still use Myspace, and there are people who still have AOL email addresses. Facebook, even if it becomes uncool, will likely not suffer for a long time if ever.
  • Netflix officially separates DVD and streaming and increases price.
    People on the internet are a cross between cry-babies and idiots. The damn service is excellent. The price of getting both dvd and streaming went up by just $4. The company is trying to raise money to get you all the stupid movies and tv shows you want and you’re crying about it. It’s still cheaper than Cable and Satellite and you’re getting more bang for your buck. Netflix could almost double its current price structure and still be worth it. You pay pennies on the dollar for movies and tv shows that regular TV price gouges you for. Don’t you follow the news? Every time they make a deal to get a show you want, their profits take a hit because it’s EXPENSIVE. Excuse them for raising prices a teensy weensy little bit to what it should have been already so that they can get you that stuff. Also, who the hell still uses DVDs? Probably the same jerk who’s going to ask me to send a fax.
  • Tablet shipments fell by 28% in Q1, full-year forecast still up on iPad demand, IDC says.
    The massacre continues. Things are tough. Tablets are still seen as expensive toys. Why does the iPad buck the trend? Apple products, while functional, are lifestyle products. They are a luxury and the purchase of them, on a psychological level, is removed from ability to pay for them. They are status symbols and thus worth the sacrifice. I just went off the dome on that one. basically, everyone agrees now that people don’t want tablets, they want iPads. It is, after all, the tablet of choice for android phone users..
  • It’s official: Nortel patent sale approved by both US and Canadian government.
    Huzzah. Or something.

Now this is how you make a children’s book on the iPad.

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