Tennessee passes anti-streaming theft law

Tennessee legislature passed a bill today that made “stealing entertainment services” like Netflix to be the same level of theft as walking out on a bar tab. Wait, you can steal cable TV, or Satellite, but how do you steal Netflix? Apparently, using a shared password is stealing.
Don’t get too worried, this bill isn’t aimed at at you, the kindly fellow who shared his Netflix or Hulu Plus password with you girlfriend. The bill, which was backed heavily by the RIAA is to give the state the power to prosecute those who sell or share their “subscription entertainment services” with a large number of people.

The enforcement depends upon those who are affected (to any degree) of the theft reporting the crime, and of course, the suspect being in Tennessee.While the intent isn’t to target the little man, I don’t believe it. I guess we’ll see.

Source: Ars Technica

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