Photoshop Winners: Bad Game Ideas

The Artwork Coming Soon Game! (PS: This is not the winner)

Last week, I asked you folks to come up with really bad ideas for video games, and you succeeded with flying colors. The games you came up with were absolutely awful, but more importantly, it was interesting to see what direction everyone went with their submission. Some opted for the “bad because it’s totally boring route” while others went for the “That’s horrible! I can’t believe they made that into a game route.”

All of the submissions were completely awful and I would never want to play any of these games. See them all after the jump!

First Place: Paul Valerio

Second Place: Trois Djesus

Trois, Go with Paul to get help.

Third Place: KaZx

Forcing players to use their kinect to actually stand around as if they were in line: Terrible Idea.

The Gallery:

Thanks so much for the participation guys! I’ll be scheming more photoshop contest ideas for the coming weeks! Stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “Photoshop Winners: Bad Game Ideas”

  1. Eric Johnston

    trois-djesus, your game actually looks like it could be fun to play. Add in some zombie fetuses and you may have a winner.

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