Noisecast roundup: Pacific time zone edition

Unless I’m mistaken, I think I might be the only person on the Noisecast staff on the West coast. So it may or may not be pushing up on midnight by the time this goes up. Hrmm.

Man, I remember when that video was new. Now it looks dated as fuck. Still a good song though.

Anyway, moving on after the break.

Apple is finally selling unlocked iPhones in the United States. That’s probably of little relevance to most people, but it’s still nice if you don’t want to be slaves to AT&T. Or if you plan on traveling. So that’s nice. But be warned, they’re pricey. The drawback of flying solo, so to speak, is no carrier subsidy and you’ll be paying a lot up front.

In further Apple news, they and Nokia are no longer suing each other. The bitter back and forth has been going on since 2009 and finally ended today, with Apple licensing the offending patents from Nokia. So we can scratch one lawsuit off the docket. Only about a million more remaining.

Okay, one last thing about Apple. Remember a few weeks ago how Samsumg requested to see the iPad 3 and iPhone 5, after Apple demanded to see their lineup of up-and-coming products? Well, Apple is calling that harassment.

Google had an event today and they announced a bunch of stuff.  This should really be it’s own article but I might as well go over it quickly here. The big points were voice search, instant pages, and searching by image. My respective personal opinions are: Meh, that’s cool I guess; I hate Google Instant as it is, I’ll probably hate this too; and Well that sucks for TinEye.

A number of countries think a “three strikes” law that cuts copyright infringers off from the Internet is a bad idea. Everyone online pretty much already thought the same thing, so it’s nice to see the leadership using some sense.

I don’t know how particularly useful this thing is, but it looks like some kind of black magic.  It’s called SWITL (no clue what that means) and is designed to transport semi-liquid materials. I’d explain it more, but just thinking about it makes my brain hurt. Just watch the video and join me in stupefied gawking.

LulzSec takes down a bunch of gaming servers and websites. Pretty uncool, but they made a bunch of Minecraft players cry. So I’m sort of conflicted.

Airbus gives us a peek into what they think air travel will look like in 2050. This is assuming, of course, that the TSA doesn’t drive us all to stop flying completely. This is an unrelated point, but I’m going to make it anyway: fuck the TSA.

Libyan rebels are going all Twisted Metal in their fight to take down Gadhafi. I have no idea what they’re saying in that video, but rocket launchers on a truck is universal to every language.

And finally, Duke Nukem Forever was finally released today. Many reviewers were not impressed. Seems there’s some rust on those balls of steel. But hey, at least the game actually came out. That’s something.

That’s all for tonight, my friends. Tune in again tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel.

Ninja edit: Oh shit, I almost forgot about this. Grab a free audiobook, Go the Fuck To Sleep, by Adam Mansbach and narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Yes, you heard me correctly. A childrens book. Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. With the word fuck in the title. For free. It’s just as awesome as it sounds and you’d be stupid not to get it.

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  1. trois d'jesus

    the lulz are quickly becoming a monotonous drone.

    Also, looking back to the first time I saw the RHCP’s, now that’s dated.

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