Crysis 2 pulled from Steam

Not on Steam.

If you’re looking to purchase a copy of Crysis 2 on Steam you better consider going for that retail-box instead, EA quietly pulled Crysis 2 from Steam’s store last night (Editor’s note: they also pulled Alice: Madness Returns and a couple of other recent titles). No explanation has been given as to why EA decided to pull a title that has been out since late March and is available on multiple platforms but you can still purchase a digital copy from EA direct via their Origin storefront.

Yup. Looks like we’re back to this again; for those that forgot, Sony tried this some years back by not allowing their content on the iTunes Music Store and set up a competing store front – Sony Connect. The Connect store didn’t offer much in terms of variety, except of course if you ONLY cared about artists signed to a Sony label, it didn’t offer any discounts on purchases (and at times was more expensive than the iTunes store), and for certain releases didn’t offer single track downloads. Origins is not this bad but the lack of selection and lack of discounts make it a wasted effort for EA.

So EA, take a hint from Sony – build partnerships with retailers or offer customers a reason to shop at Origin.

Source: Geek

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