Mini-review: Critical Hit LED D20

I actually picked this up as a gift for someone else, but it’s so cool I couldn’t resist playing around with it a little bit.

Available for $9.99 from ThinkGeek.

PS: Don’t be concerned that I rolled a 20 on my first try. I just so happened to get lucky on that take. The first few times I had to re-roll a bunch of times, but screwed up my wording so I had to start the video over. It’s actually a pretty fair die as far as my limited testing was concerned.

5 thoughts on “Mini-review: Critical Hit LED D20”

    1. It doesn’t seem replaceable, so you’ll probably just have to buy a new one.

      Of course, it’s main function as a D20 still applies. Kinda like that Mitch Hedberg joke that escalators can’t break down, only turn into stairs. “Sorry for the convenience.”

  1. got to see and play with one of these when I was at Digital Overload, their huge when put next to a regular sized D20, and just setting it down on it’s side will set it off, so here’s hoping the battery last a while.

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