Monday Update: Horse Herpe Ointment.

What? Horse herpe ointment? What’s the deal with that?

You’ll see later. Just chill the hell out ok? It’s still early.

Whaddaya Think?

We had this idea. Thoughts? Concerns? Comments? Want one? $50. Ok $45. Fine, $30. $20? $10? $0?

Really? Not even for free?

You’re a jerk.

Anyway, so we’re slowly working our way towards merchandising. You know, having a few T-shirts, maybe a keychain or a coffee mug. Who knows?

The reason I’m telling you is because the more interest there is in Noisecast paraphernalia, the more likely we are to pool some cash and get some! So be interested folks!

Also, we might raffle off some shirts and junk in the live stream of the podcast, so be sure to get in there and be a nuisance.

That’s all for the Monday Update. If you have an opinion on the shirts, leave a comment.

Podcast out later. It’s a good one.

8 thoughts on “Monday Update: Horse Herpe Ointment.”

  1. Eric Johnston

    I want the T-Shirt, but good quality please (no shitty American Apparel crap please).

    1. In the world of T-shirt printing, Ameican Apparel is actually one of the better brands. Also, one of the more expensive as well. Why U no like!?

      1. Eric Johnston

        I consider myself a t-shirt connoisseur, and I personally find American Apparel t-shirts to be made of cheaper quality cotton, and have poor neckbands that stretch out the first time you pull them over your head and never snap back (and no, it’s not my big melon head). I find Hanes Beefy Ts and Oneita t-shirts to have the best quality.

    1. Damn, that’s actually kinda slick. The the Noisecast logo as it stands doesn’t mesh well with a t-shirt.

  2. Marian Jamaleddine

    I likes, but can there also be some that don’t use the site logo. Maybe some other nice lettering?

    oh and tank tops for the ladies, bikini bottoms for Kevlar.

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