Vodafone Fakes Losing Their Xperia Play Shipments, Are Jerks, Bad Marketers

Earlier today, Vodafone New Zealand announced via Twitter that their shipments of Xperia Play devices were stolen. Welllll…turns out that was a big fat lie. Y-you see, it’s actually quite funny! Haha! See, Vodafone just made crap up! Hilarious, right? Yeah! Except. Not really.

Vodafone later confirmed with The Australian that the whole thing was shenanigans. Which means the video they released was similarly pure hogwash. Which means they put a lot of effort into making people think there was a huge crime committed. Sony probably freaked out over lost merchandise! Awesome! Haha.

No idea yet whether this was a rather lame attempt at viral marketing, or if some bone-headed executive thought that faking a theft would be a good way to explain a shipment delay better than the Japanese tsunami. Either way, expect that someone you’ve never heard of will be receiving a big fat pink slip pretty soon.

Source: Engadget

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