Hey Intel, Why You Mad Though?

Remember those really awesome smartphone chips Intel was promising for some time now? Well according Paul Otellini, Intel’s CEO, the delay is due in part to Intel’s failed partnership with Nokia and the MeeGo.

Otellini admitted to Tech Radar that the partnership was a mistake for Intel and that “in hindsight, Nokia was the wrong partner to have picked.” But don’t let that dampen the mood for you Intel fans, Otellini also assured Tech Radar that you can expect to see the Medfield chips in smartphones by 2012.

Though it seems that Intel’s chief may be feeling a little raw about previous partnerships, you can’t help but wonder if he acted on good faith, assurances by Nokia, or just blind optimism. My love for Nokia can not hide the fact that as a company Nokia has recently been content being a volume manufacturer and not too interested with innovation in the smartphone arena. It was a doomed partnership from the start.

As for Intel, they’ll have to bring their absolute best if they hope to make any headway what with many companies quite happily using the ARM based chips today’s smartphones. Better late than never, right?

Source: TechRadar

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