Video Review: Birdsong for WP7: UPDATED

I know I’ve gone over Twitter apps before, but this is my new favorite, and I recommend all WP7 users try it.

Available from the App Marketplace

Full review after the break:

Cost: $.99

Live Tile: No.

Background Update: No.

Push Notifications: No.

Pros: Slick interface. Simple. In-app browser, with the option to view it in the regular browser. This is useful when you’re directed to the mobile site. Multiple accounts are easy. There is an option to retweet or retweet with comment.

Cons: Doesn’t always load images in-app, sometimes it prefers to load the twitpic webpage. The in-app browser is set to load mobile pages. No press-n-hold menu.

Get it? Yes. Well worth the dollar, and one of the best Twitter applications out there

UPDATE: Cain from the Redbadger Team has let us know via the comments that an update (v1.3) has been submitted, which includes push notifications. Thanks Cain!

3 thoughts on “Video Review: Birdsong for WP7: UPDATED”

  1. Thanks for the review Chris. v1.3 has just been submitted over the weekend with push notifications (live tile / toast). So expect it to be released to the marketplace any moment.


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