iOS takes the market share lead away from Maemo 5 in Antarctica

April 2011 was an exciting month in Antarctica when it came to mobile operating system market share as the reigning champion Maemo 5 was finally ousted by Apple’s iOS. No mobile OS battleground is more fierce than Antarctica, where consumer trends are shunned in favor for devices that serve a practical purpose as best as they can. Used primarily by researchers and explorers, mobile devices are used as supplementary research devices as well as a means of communication. Maemo 5 has been the longtime favorite due to its compatibility and expandability with virtually everything, since it is based on Debian Linux. In February 2010 Mameo 5 was merged with the MeeGo project and is primarily used by Nokia devices. In April, the tides changed as iOS grabbed the lead at 60% of the Antarctic market share and Maemo 5 sank to 40%. Although it may seem silly that we’re writing an article about Antarctic mobile market share, the results show a dramatic shift happening with iOS as enterprise and academic applications are being created for devices such as the iPad or iPhone. Perhaps iPad wielding doctors aren’t too far off?

Source: StatCounter

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