Monday Update: Rounding Out Survival Week-And-A-Half

A True Survivor

Welcome back to reality folks. The weekend is gone, hopefully you’re friends have forgotten about all that weird stuff you did while you were drunk on Friday night, you’ve recovered from the hangover on Sunday, and you’re back to work. Well you better strap in, because Survival Week-And-A-Half is still exploding out of your monitors!

Before Survival stories go any further, we should all take some time to look back at everything we’ve learned this past week. I’m sure you’re all a bit overwhelmed with the bevy of survival tips you’ve been exposed to, but fear not, I’m here to help summarize the all information down to a fine point you can use to stab your enemies.

Here’s what you’ll need to survive just about anything:

  • Food
  • Water
  • A fuck-load of weapons

See? Not so intense now right? Just keep all of these things handy and you’ll be prepared for anything.

But… if you feel like you should know more, and you wanted to read the full articles again to help the information sink in, here’s the round up:

Right about now you’re probably thinking “but that doesn’t cover everything, there are some things missing.”

Well, first of all, don’t talk back to me, and second, we have more survival tips coming your way! Remember, this is Survival Week-and-a-half! So strap in because we’re not done yet!

In addition to Survival Week, last Friday was April Fools Day. A day where the internet is transformed into a place where funny things can be found. If you were orbiting Earth on Friday and you couldn’t get to the internets, see our April Fools Roundup to look at all the nonsense you missed.

Well, that about does it for me. Keep a look out for the podcast coming out later, and start getting those weapons together.

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