It’s Friday!


Hey dudes and dudettes! It’s Friday, and that means we’re sitting at home, staring at the computer. Well, I am anyway. Steven probably is too.

In the spirit of Friday, I am having a Saranac Black & Tan. It’s a tasty little brew, not quite the perfect Black and Tan, but it’s probably as close as you can get without using Guinness.

What are your plans for this beautiful thing I call  “weekend”?

13 thoughts on “It’s Friday!”

  1. In the beginning of this week I was looking forward to the weekend as a time when I would be going all #drunkmodo. But by midweek I discovered my looming passion to learn WP7 development. After having successfully gone through the Marketplace registration process, submitted an APP (with the help of, I am now stuck going through Visual Studio and C# tutorials.

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